Today’s kitchenware has come a long way since the early days when food was cooked on open fires. Innovations and inventions have made life in the kitchen easier. Kitchenware encompasses a whole range of utensils, implements and appliances used for frying, slow cooking, baking and other activities in the kitchen. Kitchenware, especially expensive electric appliances have to be carefully selected or they will turn out to be white elephants. Proper care and regular maintenance will make kitchenware last longer.

Pots and Pans come in various shapes, sizes and are made of different materials. These are made of aluminum, anodized aluminum, cast iron, lined copper, non-stick, porcelain enamel, stainless steel and tempered glass. Some of the pans include broiler pans, casseroles, chef’s pans, chestnut pans, double boilers, Dutch ovens, fondue pots, frying pans, glass baking pans, griddles, meatloaf pans, omelets pans, roasting pans, saucepans, stir fry pans, etc. These and other cookware is available in every major store.

Your choice of cookware depends on your budget, cooking habits, cuisine and the quantity of food you want to cook. Purchase the best quality cookware possible. They will last for a longer time and will be well worth the money spent.

Do you entertain a lot or do you eat out a lot? These factors will decide how much kitchenware you need to buy. The cuisine is another factor to be considered. If you are making a lot of pasta and stir-fry you will need a sturdy pot and large wok. How many utensils you should buy depends on how many people you have to cook for.

Electronic Appliances
Modern day electronic appliances are labor saving and timesaving devices. Some of the appliances include cookers, ovens, range cookers, food processers, induction ranges, blenders, mixers, deep fryers, etc. These appliances are available in different capacities, sizes, features and prices.

Miscellaneous Kitchenware
Cooking implements include ladles, stirrers, serving platters, serving trays, cake stands, pitchers, trifle bowls, serving bowls, and cheese platters, etc. These are all part of kitchenware.

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