It was so exciting and memorable experience here. Where you can find the monkeys and fireflies where I can only describe it ‘very awesome and wonderful’. I call this feels like beyond of my wonders.

This is my very first time reach in Klias Wetland Park, Beaufort and my very first time see this mysterious Proboscis Monkey that all around the world know they only exist in Borneo. Where I thought this monkey is just like the other monkeys that I see in zoo. But all my mind fall to other side of new views of this Proboscis monkeys were they not like the normal monkey that I used to see at my university. They are totally different and have their own diet food (typically only poisoned leaf) that what our guide said.

Reaching at Klias Wetland, seeing the river and mangrove forest made me more excited to discover the place. Maybe because I was born as a nature person, even though it’s look bored at first. After we have our Hi tea and dinner after arrived at the jetty, then we having our cruise and searching our monkeys. The cruise that we used running around 100 m from jetty and lucky us we already find our Proboscis monkey with a group of family. As our guide give explanation, Proboscis monkey are very unique, they have this long nose and bulging belly and not so hard to recognize them. My heartfelt excited and full with joy seeing this creature, maybe it was my first time and maybe because it’s been a long time I wanted to met this wonderful monkeys. Moreover, what more unique about this Proboscis monkey are they have complex chambered stomach that rely on host of symbiotic bacteria for digestion. Wonderful is not it?

At the mangrove forest, also have other wild live at there. Like Long-tail Macaques, Crocodiles and Silver Leaf Monkeys that commonly wander around in the water of mangrove forest.

When the night come, I swear this is the second part I love the most after seeing the monkeys,‘ The Sunset’ . I can’t describe it how beautiful and magnificent the sunset looks like. After enjoy the sunset view, and then we see the best part of all after the long cruise at the river. The shining and beautiful fireflies, if only I can capture the picture of this wonderful insect. Believe me; I dare to come at this place every day just to watch it. The tree even looks like a Christmas tree because of this insect light.

How blessed I’m can witness this beautiful nature looks at night. End of our river cruise, I still can’t get over it. On our way back to jetty, even in the night dark it still beautiful. I believe this is my best day of my life, where I can connect to the wild life and also to the nature. And I assure anyone that comes here for the first time will fall in love with this place like me.

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