It is a common problem faced by people of various age groups around the world. Knee pain can be caused due to numerous causes ranging from minor injuries to arthritis. It takes a prolonged period to get rid of the pain if it is not treated properly. Knee pain can cause restricted movement and instability.

Wear and tear due to ligament rupture
Infection due to Bursitis
Baker’s cyst
ACL injuries and fractures

Minor injuries can be solved by regular exercise, shedding excess weight and increasing flexibility. Knee braces and physical therapy can also decrease the discomfort caused due to knee pain.

If there is prolonged pain, you need to consult a doctor. A few solutions for major knee problems include knee replacement or knee surgical repair. If you are in search of a solution for your knee pain that doesn't involve surgery or post-surgery side effects, you can opt for ayurvedic ways to treat your pain.

Janu Basti (knee treatment): It is an ayurvedic massage therapy that includes skillful massage of warm herbal oil that has a long-lasting relaxing effect.

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