Having knee pain and sore knees are common and it’s nothing to worry about. This sort of pain gets relieved with some ointment or cold & heat compression. Sometimes, when the knee pain is not getting relieved even after so medications, you need to book an appointment with orthopedic experts and a chiropractor in their pain relief clinic.

Be it an adult or an aged person, knee problems can happen to anyone regardless of their age. However, painful knees can be largely seen in old aged people because of different reasons. Let’s learn about the causes of painful knees and quick treatments for instant relief from knee pain:

Causes of painful knees

The knees are one of the vital body parts that get used every day in the form of running, walking, jumping, etc. Knee pain can be caused because of numerous reasons such as accidents, injury, joint dislocation, mechanical problems, deformity, arthritis, and many more. One can also injure their knee if they’ve foot or ankle pain that affects the gait.
Some of the main causes of knees pain are:

Sprains, strains, and injury

If you’ve recently met an accident or have fallen from stairs, this might cause an injury to the knee bone. This is one of the reasons why you might feel painful knees. A sports injury can also cause pain and swelling in the knees.
Getting sprains, strains, and injuries in the knee is common in everyday life. These types of injuries mostly happen as a result of sports activities, falls or traumas, and accidents. When this sort of pain happens, it’s better to get the knee evaluated by a doctor or experienced chiropractor Singapore so the level of severity can be identified.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Another reason that causes painful knees in old-aged persons is rheumatoid arthritis. However, this sort of arthritis is now can be seen in adults also. It is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system starts attacking the own knee joints resulting in pain and swelling. Swollen joints and pain are some common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
People having rheumatoid arthritis experience stiffness in the morning after waking up or after inactivity. It’s always advised to see doctors for a diagnosis and get proper treatment for it.


One of the types of arthritis that results in painful knees is osteoarthritis. This health condition happens when there’s mechanical wear and tear of the knee joints. The chances of occurrence of osteoarthritis increase as the person’s age increases. Osteoarthritis happens when the cartilage of the joints wears away resulting in pain and swelling.

Ways to get instant relief from knees pain:

Heat and cold packs

Applying heat and cold packs to knee injuries will also help in relieving the pain to a great extent. This works better if there’s mild pain or injury. Along with this, anti-inflammatory medications are suitable for relieving pain.
Cold packs work well on knee joint pain that is caused by an arthritis flare. Ice packs are good for reducing inflammation and swelling. Similarly, a heat pack is also useful for loosening tight joints and relieving pain.

Physiotherapy and exercises

If there is prolonged knee pain that is not going with ice packs and medications then another treatment is to seek a chiropractor for physiotherapy. Whenever there’s moderate pain in the knees, the doctor advises physiotherapy to the patient. This makes patients start looking for a pain specialist Singapore. A chiropractor helps in pain management by reducing inflammation and mobilizing the joints.
An experienced chiropractor also helps in testing the range of motion and improving it by lessening the burden of stress on the knee. Make sure you’re seeing a reliable and accredited chiropractor that can treat the underlying issues that are causing the knee pain.

To sum up

Knee pain is not only discomforting but also causes swelling and inflammation around the affected knee. Painful knees are the result of sprain, injuries, and arthritis. Whatever the cause of the painful knee is, it needs to be treated by expert doctors and experienced chiropractors to get immediate relief from the pain.

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