Knee Pain Treatment is recommended by the doctor if the pain does not go away with the other prescribed treatments. The Knee replacement surgery is suggested based on the patient’s injury and condition.

In cases where the torn cartilage or ligament or when the knees are ravaged by osteoarthritis, knee surgery is recommended.

Surgery of knee pain because of injury

Arthroscopy is a procedure where the surgeon uses a small camera to diagnose and treat the knee pain. The process is mostly used for mechanical problems like a torn meniscus or ligaments. With these problems, there are loose pieces of cartilage in the knee joint and when they are taken out they give comfort. Arthroscopy is also used for ligament reconstruction.

The arthroscopic knee surgery is an outpatient procedure and the operation takes less than an hour. Most people can walk without any assistance after the surgery but it takes around eight weeks for the knee to become normal.

Knee pain surgery for ACL Tears

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tears are common among athletes. This is treated by replacing the torn ligament with a tendon graft. The graft can be a hamstring, quadriceps or a patellar tendon autograft. The autograft is where the tissue is taken from a part of the body and used in some other part of the body. An alternative method to this is an allograft where the graft is taken from a donor’s body.

Join replacement surgery

The joint replacement surgery is common to treat knee pain caused because of arthritis. In this process, the joint is only resurfaced because the cartilage has worn off. The joint is resurfaced so that the bearing surface is a metal against plastic.

After the damaged bone and the cartilage are removed, the new metal and plastic joint surface are positioned to restore the function and the alignment of the knee.

Partial knee surgery is for those who face knee pain in a single compartment only. These patients need to undergo a partial or an unicompartmental knee replacement surgery. This method was mostly used for those who are not very active and also for older people.

Other knee pain surgery

• Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) – In this method, a new cartilage is grown and implanted in the knee. The cartilage is harvested, grown and then re-injected under the flap in the concerned area. Though not very successful, this method can be used in younger patients who do not opt for a joint replacement.

• Abrasion arthroplasty osteotomy – In this method, the joint is realigned if the patients suffer from bow legs or knock knees. In the case of a deformity, a part of the joint is worn away. The bone above and below the joint is cut to realign the leg. It realigns the extremity and shifts the weight load. The success rate for this treatment is lower than for a joint replacement surgery.

• Abrasion arthroplasty – This is a type of arthroscopic surgery and is used to treat knee pain caused by arthritis. The area is abraded and the doctor tries to break through the bone in order to grow and regenerate the fibrocartilage. The method was used when people opted for arthroscopy for arthritis.

Before you book surgery packages online, you need to know that regardless of the type of surgery, pain management, exercise, and therapy is compulsory to recover faster.


Total knee replacement surgery works better than partial knee replacements. But there is a lot of emphasis on carrying out the less invasive surgeries. However, the decision to opt for a partial or a total knee replacement surgery is dependent on the level of damage to the knee. If more than one compartment is damaged then the only option is to go for a total knee replacement.

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