Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Knee pain is being experienced by a lot of people in thecurrent modern world. One of the common conditions, which is responsible forthe pain in the knee joint is the osteoarthritis of the knee. What do the wordosteoarthritis mean? The word osteoarthritis can be split up into 2 words.Osteo meaning bones and Arthritis meaning inflammation of the joint. Theinflammation is the development of redness, swelling and warmth which occursbecause of any pathological changes which occurs in the joint. The change againstwhich the inflammation is solicited is the degeneration of the joint caused bythis condition.

When considering the reasons for the degeneration of thejoint, one of the foremost reason is the elderly age group, where the surfaceof the bones would have got already worn off. The elderly age group mainlyconstitutes of persons greater than 55 years of age. Another important reasonfor osteoarthritis of the knee, include persons whose weight is greater thanthe recommended weight according to the BMI (Body Mass Index is a measure forthe fitness of the body). Sometimes osteoarthritis might develop because ofinjury to the knee joint like fracture.

The first and foremost treatment for the osteoarthritis isthe proper exercise with the rest being provided to the knee joint. The personwould also be advised to take guidance and treatment from physiotherapyspecialist who is specialised in giving training to the joint by means ofexercises. Pain Killers are also routinely prescribed for taking care of the inflammationand pain which occurs in the joint, but in some of the cases the pain killerswould not be able to completely reduce the pain and in fact the pain would bestill persisting. These are the cases where the Hyalgan can be tried as atreatment. It has proved and is also scientific. In addition to this othertreatment for the knee joint, include replacement of the knee joint by means ofartificial replacement.

Why Hyalgan is good for that problem?

Hyalgan is a drug which is marketed by Fidia PharmaceuticalsLimited, which is one of the world's renowned companies. The activePharmaceutical ingredient which is present inside Hyalgan is hyaluronic acid.Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide (polysaccharides are biomolecules whichcontains a series of connected Polymers linked together and are viscous innature) and is normally present in the connective tissue and the articularjoints of the human. By means of administering Hyalgan, we are basicallyreplacing the hyaluronic acid.

What is Hyalgan and how it resolves theproblem?

Hyalgan is directly administered into the intra-articular space (intra articular space is a space between two joints in the placeof their connection). Since Hyalgan is the replacement of hyaluronic acid, itwill be helping in lubricating the joints and in turn would reduce the frictionbetween the bones, which is responsible for the pain in most of the cases. Inaddition to this, it would also decrease the progression of the degeneration ofthe joint and would be protective for the patient.

Since the truck is obtained from comb rooster, precautionneeds to be exercised in those patients who are allergic to avian proteins andit is better avoided.

Conclusion (Treatment results)?

On administration of hyalgan, which is normally given 5 injections,at an interval of 1 week, you would be experiencing a dramatic improvement inthe pain of the knee joint. It is always advised to get treated with thisdrug, only with the approval by an expert physician.

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