Although you haven't performed well in your interview, it doesn't mean that your chance of getting the job slipped. Your second chance may come in the form of a sample thank you note that will assist you in writing the best note possible. A thank you note is critical to post interview success because it shows the interview you are serious about the position and you are thankful they allocated time to give you an interview. There are hundreds of sample thank you notes online and choosing the right one is as simple as knowing what to look for.

Sample notes are there to help you write a better personal note. The choice of words of the note is extremely important, you don’t want to appear cold and formal but you don’t want to be too personal either. A sample note will help you strike a balance between the two and write the best note you can.

Many different sample thank you notes can be found online. These notes can be in a form of thank you sayings, thank you verses, famous quotes and poems. They come in different forms but they have several common characteristics. Here are a few tips on how to write a great thank you note.

· Caring and Thoughtful Content. It is essential to be thoughtful and caring when addressing the interviewer since you want your note to have a positive effect. If you have personal feelings about the job or the interviewer just keep them to yourself and should not be included in your note. Make sure to use only positive language to describe your experience in the interview and what you hope to be your future with the company.

· Appreciation and Desire. Be sure to say you appreciate the time you were given by the interviewer. Even if the interview did not turn out to be desirable, you should still show your appreciation to the interviewer. Upon doing this, your interviewer might think twice about not considering you for the job.

· Give Inspiration for your thank you letter. Good sample notes urge you to write a thank you letter to your interviewer. With inspiration, it will be less complicated for you to write the words that you wanted to say, and you might find something more creative than you had earlier wanted to include. You’ll be amazed how many sample notes you can find online to say precisely what you want to say.

When writing a thank you note, be reminded that you should include content such as your contact information, interviewers complete name, and the position you applied for. In addition, write about the reasons why the company should hire you. To effectively do this, try to highlight the job description point by point and include information that is relevant to the position.

When you have difficulty writing a thank you letter, look for sample thank you notes online. These notes are created to help you improve the notes you write to interviewers after you have your initial interview. If you really want to improve your thank you letter, do not think twice on checking the vast online catalog of sample notes online, think of them as your secret weapon in your job hunt.

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