The leading e-learning companies help their clients in identifying the training and development needs of their employees.
One such renowned name in the e-learning industry is none other than Knovator Technologies. Established in 2017 and situated at Surat, Gujarat, it is an IT service company which helps the client to reimagine their digital space with innovative solutions.

In an interview with Insights Success a business journal , Knovator Technologies shares about its journey, the various services it provides, the various challenges it has faced, and its plans. To know more about the company, please read the interview.

1. Kindly mention in detail about your company/institution.

Knovator provides IT solutions depending on the client’s requirements. We help startups and businesses with custom-made technology solutions for various business challenges, growth, and cost reduction.

2. Where do you envision yourself and your company in the long run, and what are your future goals?

Staying at the top of our game is the goal. Who does not like to stay on top, right? So, we constantly focus on learning and developing. We always keep ourselves updated on the latest trends in the market to up our game and rapidly grow by creating advanced software for our clients.

3. How is e-learning going to shape the education industry worldwide?

Technology has been forever influencing how education is delivered. Online learning has completely changed the face of education. The classrooms are no longer referred to as a physical location.

This shift towards the adoption of digital learning isn’t a temporary trend. It is here to stay and comes with long-term consequences. E-learning can be easily regarded as the new normal future of education. E-learning is all set to empower the youth of India by providing millions of possibilities in the digital education industry.

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