Do you want to learn the best handmade online jewelry stores? You have come to the right place! You just need to have the entrepreneur bug and the will to sell handmade jewelry online. You can compete and give a lot of competition to some big brands as well. You can find a lot of places for selling your creation like open your store, online hub, or craft fairs.

With today’s advancing technology, you don’t need to a tech-savvy to run your own online jewelry business. You should be responsive, enthusiastic, and creative to run your own business. Now, start making money as this post is definitely for you!


Best Handmade Online Jewelry Stores

❖    Online marketplaces

It is a website, which facilitates shopping from various sources.  The operator does not own any inventory and allows the entrepreneurs to come up with their shops to sell the jewelry to the customers. 

Online Marketplaces for Selling Handmade Jewelry

  • Aftcra- In the USA, Aftcra is especially for you as the crafters can easily list their products on the website for free. But the listing expires after 6 months. Only 7% of your sales price is being charged once you sold a product.
  • Amazon Handmade- Amazon has already gained our trust from the beginning and is a huge platform to sell your products online. They have a ridiculous amount of traffic every month. Amazon Handmade also waives off the monthly fee. This is a great platform to sell your handmade jewelry online.
  • ShopSyp- Check out this site if you want to have your own handmade online jewelry store. We all like free stuff!
  • Folksy- Folksy is a platform where the craft is handmade in Britain. You can get a monthly plan or pay-as-you-go option.
  • Etsy- it is a well-renowned platform for selling handmade crafts. They also charge a fee as per the listing.
  • ArtFire- On this website, you will find three different plans. The most affordable one is the monthly plan that starts at $4.95 and an additional $0.23 per item for the listing fee.
  • Big Cartel- do you want to set up an online store with some monthly fee? Then Big Cartel is a perfect platform, which starts with a $9.99 per month plan without any listing fees.

❖    Selling Handmade Jewelry Online via Social Media

If you want to try out selling your handmade jewelry through social media before creating an online store, then that could be a great idea. You can upload the pictures of your jewelry on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Page, and Instagram. For this, you just need to have an email id and phone number so that customers can contact you for purchase details. You must have a method for accepting payments through online portals like Paypal.  


Social media platforms are free, easy to use, and generate a lot of traffic. So people can view your products and you don't have to pay anything extra for generating traffic.

❖    Creating and Online store

If you feel the competition from the direct online marketplace, then you can create a standalone store, which will be good for you. This leads to less direct competition. There is no need to worry about the different algorithm changes. You can set the terms and conditions according to your will.

Shopify is one such store, which is quite popular for providing more tools and can easily help you grow your online jewelry business.

❖    Building your website for Selling Jewelry

As we know that creating our website can be a bit complex option. But it can be exciting at the same time. Creating your website is not bad. Sites like Wix help you provide drag and drop tools, which can quickly create and customize the site according to your wish and also without any coding. You can also build the site through WordPress or Squarespace.

If you have a website that gives you the freedom to create anything you wish. Rules and regulations are created by you and not others. No competition between sellers for the same traffic. No danger of shutting down the business as you haven't built it through someone else. You can hire your web designer for designing your site.  



Now you must be thinking about which option to select, which option will be best for you. But it really depends on how comfortable you are with technology and are you serious about the business or it’s just for a trial. It also depends on how much you want to invest in the business.

Through online business, you can grow your business faster but before that, you need to decide which you actually want. This will help you to select the best option for your handmade online jewelry store.

Author's Bio: 

Atelier SYP is a Montreal based jewellery company, created by the talented Cristal Haidalis and Bobby Skafidas. Aside from running a company, this power couple also doubles as loving parents to their two young children. Boss lady by day, super mom by night. Cristal can do it all. She is the mastermind behind the designs, using her European background in all of her creations.