You might think it's weird that are there really such courses for writers? But yes there are such courses which help in nurturing the writer within. There are some institutes that offer short-term courses on creative writing during summer vacation, and you would even get a certificate. But if you need a long-term professional course in creative writing, there are institutes for even that too. These courses though cost a bit; one can get a Student Loan if they wish to, as there are certain organisations who wish to help students and people who are willing to do something creative and out of the box.

In some institutes, there are even diploma courses in creative writing like Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi. It offers a diploma course for creative writing from 1-4 years. It even contains 2 compulsory and 4 elective courses. There are many such institutes which offer courses especially for the writers like Symbiosis Centre of distance learning, Pune which offers one-year diploma course for creative writing. After completing the course, the student even gets a certificate stating the same.

Why are writing courses important? They are important to bring out the budding writer inside the person. We need good writers, writers that can influence people and can tell stories in a wonderful way.
It's been a long time since writers have written anything except young adult genre. It's timed to get new writers who have wonderful stories within.

Not only that, powerful reporters who can write articles regarding serious issues, instead of movie-related gossip, so that the people of the country can know the actual condition of the nation. Such courses help in creating new writers, to encourage them to think outside of the box and slowly to turn them into a professional writer.

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