Parsing the news for what’s really important and what exists only as a way to move masses in ways they never knew they could be moved is a difficult thing to accomplish. There are daily happenings that really can pull our heart strings and what follows that information is particularly important as it nudges us to fall into a bias based on what we’ve just been exposed to. More so than ever our access to information and news sources has evolved beyond the wildest dreams the first humans to ever record data have ever imagined. With all the opinions of every human available to you finding the most right way to view the world has its challenges.

Gun violence in America and the growing epidemic of mass shootings provokes many to either extreme with little in the way of progress made finding a solution either side. While the United States fields more mass killers than any other nation it also fields the most demand for the weapons that are involved in such acts that tear apart the lives of the neighbors we keep.

The second amendment expresses that it’s our right to maintain ourselves a well-regulated militia for self-defense and have the right to bear arms against oppression. What those arms were at the time is not the same as the arms we are able to bear today nor are they near the capability for destruction they have today that they did then. Given any circumstance what exactly are we prepared to defend ourselves from? At the time the rule allowed us to rebel for ourselves and oppression we felt from British occupation but now we are free to govern ourselves so must we only to protect this one amendment aim our sights at anything from neighbors to distant shores? However a home defended by arms serves as a deterrent to petty crimes like breaking and entering homes in search of loose wares. Desperate people seeking to do so will still find it within them to accomplish their desires whether or not the possibility of conflict follows.

Staying up to date on popular opinion is also a way to angle yourself with another side of the argument. People today have every opportunity to utilize the power of personal computers and laptops such as ones provided by lenovo and other companies allow us to share, formulate and express our thoughts towards one another in hopes that an answer to many of the questions we ask will be answered.

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