“I have never used it, what if something goes wrong?”

“I am okay using sanitary pads, there are even organic sanitary pads available now”

“Yes, I have heard about it but it sounds uncomfortable to me”

“Menstrual cups are too expensive to fit my budget”

Women make these statements when asked what they think of menstrual cups or why they haven’t started using one. With the rapid advancement in technology, markets are filled with more consumer-friendly products rather than production-friendly ones.

This advancement has led to the inception of the menstrual period cup which is a unique solution to different inconveniences faced by women during menstruation. It is a great product to tackle the problem of leakage or stains during periods.

If this product is such an amazing solution to period problems, why is it facing a wide extent of resistance?

The answer to this question is manifold. Firstly, there is a lack of awareness about how to use the menstrual period cup. Secondly, women are clueless about the series of benefits that the product offers. Not only comfortable but it is also safe and hygienic to use, unlike sanitary pads which can cause infections and serious discomfort, when they are not organic. Lastly, the one significant thing that is stopping many women to switch to menstrual cups is the period cup price. Due to certain factors, the final product is expensive and comparatively requires higher investment. But one should know that the cups are washable and reusable. You do not need to buy a menstrual period cup every month.

To get the menstrual cups in your handy bags, you need to check with your nearby stores as these are widely available in the market. If you are interested, the first step would be to get familiar with the size you need, depending upon some other factors as well. Menstrual cups are available in small, medium and large sizes.

My own favorite and tested menstrual cup is one by The Woman’s Company, that I have been using since the past year - it is worth adding to your bags. Made up of 100% medical grade silicone, it super soft and flexible – a cup that promises to give you a comfortable experience and easy wear care. It lasts for up to 10 years, going easy on your pockets and not obstructing your daily hustle routine. The cup is skin-friendly with no chemicals and is FDA approved. You can spend INR 550 on this product.

Now, managing periods will not be tricky and tiring anymore. Usually, the flow follows a pattern that varies for every woman. So, you need to study your menstrual flow. On some days the flow is heavy, at other times it can be light or regular. So, adopting a top-quality menstrual cup r the menstrual cycle could be a life-changer for all the women on the planet.

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