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Is my hairline receding? If you have been searching for this, search no more. Read what signs you should look out for and what you can do about it.

Receding Hairline Signs


A receding hairline is worrisome for everyone. But how to know if the hairline is receding or just maturing? The awareness of the signs may help you control it from advancing further, or at least slow down the process. Many factors contribute to loss of hair, fortunately, being proactive can work to retain your hairline. Medications and lifestyle changes positively impact your hair health. Those who have lost a significant amount of hair from their hairline region may opt for cosmetic treatments as well.


Hairline moving higher is a commonly observed condition seen in men as they age. Mostly it is brushed off as a normal phenomenon before really establishing the root cause of it. A maturing hairline is observed in aging men while a receding hairline can be observed in men as young as 18 to 30 years of age group. A hairline receding is the first sign, yet the most ignored indication of male pattern baldness.

A receding hairline when detected and diagnosed for its underlying cause may help in the effective treatment of hair loss. But often, it is dismissed as something normal till it's rather late to reverse the effects. Being proactive in recognizing what may be causing your receding hairline provides better odds of preventing it.

Mature Hairline Vs Receding Hairline - What is Normal?

Let's get one thing clear and out of the way before we delve into the topic of what are the signs and symptoms of receding hairline. There is no standard or ‘normal’ of how a hairline should look. The style and pattern of a hairline come in all varieties like round, bell-like, etc., and is hereditary. Some people have a hairline that sits close to their eyebrows while others have it higher with a lot of exposed foreheads.

So what would comprise a normal hairline for you is the one that you have had since always. So how to tell if your hairline is receding? If you are losing your hair daily and your hairline is moving higher than where it was, then you have an issue with your hairline. A receding hairline doesn't always result in baldness, but you should treat it like it may and be assertive with the steps you take.

A maturing hairline is indicated by a hairline that moves back slightly (1-2 cm) and uniformly. In the case of a receding hairline, the hairline gets uneven and starts resembling the M-shape or horseshoe shape. In addition, the hair on the temple moves higher quickly than in other areas.

The Stages of Receding Hairline

To understand how the hairline recedes, the Norwood scale is used to estimate how it proceeds and how you can measure the severity of your condition.[2]

Stage I: No noticeable changes are observed in the hairline. Hair fall may start around the temples and forehead but would not appear concerning.

Stage II: The thinning of hair around the temples and forehead is visible, resulting in front baldness, an early sign of male pattern baldness. A characteristic M shape of hair can be observed around the forehead.

Stage III: The recession of hairline is noticeable in particular shapes of U, M & V. This stage is classified as baldness on the reference scale.

Stage IV: Baldness spots because of excessive hair loss are visible at the back of the head.

Stage V: In this stage, the hairline recedes significantly to form a typical horseshoe shape or U-shape.

Stage VI: The bald patches expand to expose a significant amount of your scalp.

Stage VII: At this stage, a considerable amount of hair has been lost, and the remaining hair at the sides of your head is thin.

Awareness of the stages of receding hairline helps a lot to detect early baldness issues. When diagnosed early, a receding hairline can be curbed from progressing further with proper treatment. For instance, treatment up to stage 3 is easier with quicker results. From stages 4 onwards, where a lot of hair has been lost, the treatment gets trickier and it will take longer for results to be visible. For stages 5 and above, treatments such as micro-pigmentation & hair transplant along with medications may have to be incorporated.

Why Is My Hairline Receding? - Possible Causes

Losing hair is a natural phenomenon. Weak hair grows out and falls making space for the new strands of hair to erupt in their place. But when the hair follicles are damaged, the new hair stops growing, resulting in a receding hairline.

Family Genetics
Genetics plays a huge role in determining how your looks are going to be. Even though genes don't confirm that it will happen, men who have cases of male pattern baldness in their families have a likelihood of following the same hair loss pattern themselves.

Side Effects of Medications/Treatments

Some medications and treatments such as chemotherapy may exhibit side effects that may cause you to lose hair and result in a receding hairline.

Fluctuations in Hormones

Age-related hormonal changes may result in hair loss that contributes to receding hairline. A hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is linked with shrinkage of hair follicles that damages and obstructs the regrowth of hair.


Physical stress due to an illness, like thyroid issues, or mental stress due to many issues may cause a condition known as telogen effluvium that results in sudden shedding of hair. Fortunately, this condition gets resolved on its own when the stress-causing factor is eliminated.


Diet and your habits impact your health in a lot of ways. It also directly impacts your hair health. People who smoke a lot, or those who do not consume a well-balanced diet often face hair loss and hairline receding issues.

How To Know If You Have Receding Hairline?

Noticing a receding hairline is not a simple thing. You may not seem to notice until things change drastically making it difficult for you to rectify it quickly. So how can you know? You may have a receding hairline that is concerning if you notice:
Hair loss after having a shower or brushing is normal. But if you notice them falling excessively, then you should see a doctor.
Regions of thinning hair on the scalp. Asymmetrical hairline.Your old pictures. The comparison between your current headline and old photographs may give you an idea of how much the hairline has receded.

A receding hairline may develop as an asymmetry first, which later on progresses to a characteristic M shape. After that, the hair from the top and back region of the scalp starts falling out, resulting in a typical horseshoe shape or U-shaped hairline that characterizes the male pattern baldness.

What Can Be Done?

A subsiding hairline can be managed with help of medications or lifestyle & grooming modifications. There are many treatment medications available in the market for managing your hairline, and some of them are very effective to slow it down & even help in hair regrowth when started on time.



Treatment drugs such as Finasteride found in Propecia and the pocket-friendly version
Generic Propecia
work on controlling the levels of dihydrotestosterone in males. The reduced levels of DHT help in minimizing hair loss.


This is an extremely effective treatment and is known to slow down the rate of hair loss. Available as Minoxidil 10mg Tablets and
Minoxidil 5 mg Tablets , these tablets have helped many people find relief from receding hairline, thinning hair, and bald patches, and also promote hair regrowth. This treatment drug is also available for topical use. The issue with this is that as soon as you stop using it, the hair starts falling again.


These medications relieve the inflammation around hair follicles so they can open up and allow the growth of new hair. The side effects associated with its use are serious, therefore, this medication should not be consumed without discussion with your doctor first.

Cosmetic Treatments

Hair Transplant

This is performed by a cosmetic surgeon where the hair and fractions of scalp from the regions of thicker hair are moved to the hairline to make it look fuller. Even though it is expensive, it offers a long-term remedy.

Laser Therapy

Some people have benefitted from laser therapy to promote hair growth. A red laser of wavelength 660 nanometer is used to flash the bald patches or the receding hairline.

Grooming Modifications

Hair Care Products

Using hair-thickening shampoo and conditioner may help with the prevention of hair loss and retain the hairline. Hair loss prevention treatment options which are free from sulfates are also very effective in controlling hair loss. In addition to this, the use of hot water may damage the hair follicles and cause dryness & itching of the scalp. The hardness of water also impacts the health of hair. Hard water contains excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium which may damage hair.

Essential Oil Massage

Essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint & lavender have been found to show equivalent results when tested against minoxidil.[3,4] They promoted hair growth when used on laboratory rats. However, research on humans is still required to establish their effectiveness.

Oil massage is believed to boost blood circulation to the scalp which improves the health of hair follicles. Massaging daily with or without oil for a duration of 10 to 20 minutes is enough to show a positive outcome.
Start by gently massaging your scalp from the sides of your head.
Make circular motions while slowly massaging with your fingers.
Then move to the top of your scalp, finally proceeding to the back of your head.
Scalp massage can be enhanced with the use of certain tools such as derma roller and the likes. These micro-needling equipment accelerate the flow of blood to the scalp and promote hair growth.[1]

Choosing Right Hairstyle

Many hairstyles may help you cover up the visible receded hairline. There are many chic haircut options available according to your face type. Usually, people with receding hairlines opt for an undercut, a crew cut, buzz cut, or go clean shave. Talk with your hairstylist to decide on what may suit you the best.

Lifestyle Changes

Managing Stress & Anxiety

The demanding times that we exist in, put a lot of pressure on us. Checking the stress and anxiety levels before they start impacting your life is crucial. Practice relaxation exercises, increase the physical activity levels to maintain your feel-good hormones.

Exercises Focused on Scalp

Scalp exercises also enhance blood flow and improve the vitality of hair.
Elevate your eyebrows as high as possible and hold this posture for ten seconds.
Then crease your eyebrows as deep as possible and hold them for ten seconds before moving back to the normal position.
Repeat both actions ten times.

Wholesome Diet

Consuming a well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins is essential for healthy hair. Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium help to cease the hair fall and promote hair growth. Protein-rich diets impact hair health and make them thicker. Include more lean meats, green leafy vegetables, nuts & seeds, fruits, and whole grains in your meals.

To Summarize

A hairline that is moving higher may increase our stress levels, but you should know that it is treatable. The sooner you detect the signs of a receding hairline, the more competent treatment you can get. Before choosing any method of treating your hairline, discuss with your healthcare provider how it may impact you, especially the over-the-counter treatment medications and topical applicators.


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