A process is the sequence followed to carry out any task. Likewise, there is a process followed in development of any software in general. This process is known as software development process or software development lifecycle. These processes are generally followed by designer in designing software to cater to the needs of the business.

Software has occupied the leading position in this digital world, where people are too much dependent on them, with regard to speed and efficiency of a work. Business bodies looking to expand their arms in online space have to rely on software; else they are left high and dry. No doubt that digital means is much in demand that has given a rise to various software development companies to work for them. Though one can rely on these companies to help them gain digital oscillations, but still one should know about various processes that are adopted in designing software, as this knowledge is helpful in taking updates and checking work status from time to time.

The foremost step is planning. It is an important step of every project and so is the case true here too. In planning of software designing, one should focus on all the requirements, such as gathering client’s requirement, experience and knowledge of a designer, etc. unless all requirements are clearly understood; error-free software cannot be designed. This step becomes more important, when it comes to designing of customized web solutions as these requirements get specific.

Planning also makes sure that optimal use of resources is done such that quality product can be delivered within pre decided time frame. It also includes inputs that are used for designing software and later for verification process. This step can be further broken down into various sub phases, such as gathering of resources, understanding and reviewing, analyzing the steadiness, documentations at various levels.

The second step is specification that is creating of a document the way software is to be written. This step also focuses on fine tuning and technical requirements and various services required in the process. Specification takes care that there is no duplicity or unsteadiness throughout.

The third step is software architecture that aids in interaction between different stakeholders, decision about high level designing and reuse of various components and patterns. This step is essential to design high level web applications.

Now, when the data is collected, a designer needs to write actual code in a programming language and this is called Implementation. Once a code is written, it is followed by testing, which determines whether the software designing is a successful completion or not. This step verify or validates that requirement are met by a designed software, as per the expectation or not.

It is followed by documentation and training to people who would be working on it. These web applications are responsible for enhancing performance that affects overall revenue for an organization. There are many software development companies to offer this help to people, but one needs to look for a reliable or right provider to make best use of advantages of widening online space.

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