Know About the Different Types of Fences and How to Find The Best Makers

If you are interested in having fences installed around your house then there are a few things that you should be aware of. First of all, fences are available in a huge variety. This is why you must decide on the kind of fences that would suit your needs the best and accordingly choose. There are many fence makers available as well and they specialize in one or two types of fences especially. Therefore after you choose which fences you have to install at the rim of the garden, you must decide who should install these fences.

The first thing that you should know about the fences that can be installed in your premises is the different types that are available. In the cities the fences are most of the times requires in the backyard of the house. The different types of fences can be used for decoration purposes as well as child and pet containment. The most common option for fences is wood. The wooden fences fall into three major categories. These are picket, privacy and ranch fences types. The picket fences are made up of white boards (most of the times) which stand an inch and a half apart. These fences are about 3 to 5 feet tall and the wooden boards are joined by horizontal bars which are attached to the posts. These fences are mostly for decoration purposes. They do not provide privacy but help demarcate the boundary.

The Privacy fences are meant for the purpose that they have been named for. These fences can be as much as 8 feet tall and usually there are no gaps between these fences. They usually are made from strong materials and if it is wood, the wood is to be the most durable. These fences are also meant to screen winds.

Finally there are the ranch fences which as the name suggests are meant for large areas. These fences have got vertical posts which stand 8 to 10 feet apart and they are joined by two horizontal evenly spaced wooden rails. They are used to contain livestock mostly.

It becomes very important that if you have to get any fences installed, then you must know how to choose a company which is good at making fences. This can be achieved by understanding your needs first. According to the fence that you have chosen to be installed, first of all look for the best available fence makers and then ask them for their references. One of the best ways to do a reliability check is by following up on the references that the company and see what kind of experience have they had after getting fences installed by these companies. Always choose a company that does all the sorts of fence work. It has to have experience in doing so.

It is important to select who makes your fences. This is because the purpose of the fences would get solved only if they are made the right way. Therefore privacy fences should be strong and without gaps, ranch fences should last for a long time.

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