You might think that the home inspection process has been a part of the property buying experience forever, but the truth is that until the 1970s, there was no process known as 'home inspection'.

However, the good news is that the home inspection industry is growing at an alarming pace and buyers nowadays have started to notice the benefits of home inspection services. Therefore, in this blog report, we’ll be talking in-depth about the past of home inspection services (from where it all started) as well as what the future holds for this industry.

The Past Of Home Inspection Services

Professional home inspector in Dallas states that home buyers during the early 1970s didn't have any home inspection services to provide them with a thorough description regarding the defects of any specified home that they're planning to purchase. Instead, people who were in the construction industry would help the buyers out or the buyers would ask one of their close friends to lend them a helping hand.

The problem with such an aforementioned process is that there was no uniformity in the inspection process and detecting any glaring defects was highly challenging, to say the least. The earlier versions of home inspection services focused only on the structural issues with the home. However, it must be understood that there's a lot more to a home inspection process than just looking at any structural defects.

When the mid-1970s came into force, all the home inspectors who were already in the business began to figure out better ways to inspect a home. And that's when home inspection associations came into force, where they started to create uniformity within the process as well as the industry.

The Future Of Home Inspection Services

In today’s market, buyers tend to have much better awareness when it comes to buying any real estate property. Even though they may not know a component inside-out, they understand that someone else does and that’s why they call for professional home inspection services.

The home inspection industry is becoming a booming market as every day passes by. New inspectors are entering the industry each day and thus raising the bar constantly on how home inspections should be done. Competition brings innovation.

The future of home inspection involves the use of technology because nowadays drones and thermal imaging procedures are utilized to perform roof inspections. Moreover, radio-controlled cars are being used to inspect various crawl spaces, leading to a better inspection methodology.

Thus, you can easily see how the home inspection industry had such humble beginnings and now it has grown into a behemoth. The best part is about to come, as the use of technology further improves the inspection process.

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