Everyone loves to have bright and white teeth. There are so many products available in the market for whitening your teeth. It is so obvious that people are benefiting from these products. If you are worried about your stained or discoloured teeth, no need to bother about your smile anymore. 

Tooth whitening strips are one of the best solutions for whitening your teeth and these are effective and inexpensive when compared to other popular whitening methods. If you want to buy these amazing strips, get it from The Willow Trader. You can even order in bulk and you get a free delivery for any size of orders. 

Benefits Of White Teeth

Many people opt for tooth whitening mainly for cosmetic purpose. More than that, a sparkling smile gives you self-confidence. Attractive smiles are always appealing and make you more beautiful whether you are at work or just walking along the road. 

Sparkling teeth also boost your mental health if you are always worrying about your stained, discoloured teeth. It also shows that you are taking care of your teeth properly. 

What Is Whitening Strips?

Whitening strips are very thin looking, flexible plastic strips and some whitening gel is pre-coated to bleach off the stains on your teeth. Read the instructions on the label thoroughly before applying them. 

These are more convenient and easier to use. Just take out one strip from the package and apply the adhesive side to your teeth. You have to wear this just for 30 minutes once in a day and not more than that.

Though whitening strips give you promising results, it is better to know about the pros and cons of using them. 


Quick and Long Lasting Results 

You can notice the change in colour of your teeth within seven days. One packet provides you enough strips for two weeks and you can see the results in a few days and the results can last up to a period of four months or even up to two years, which is fairly a long time for that stunning smile.


When compared to other effective methods of whitening teeth that will cost you around £500 to £1000, these whitening strips are available at amazingly low cost. These are available at the range of £7 to £20, which means everyone can afford it and benefit from lower investment.


Weakens Enamel

Any kind of bleaching will severely damage your enamel and tooth. Enamel once goes doesn’t come back. Over usage of bleaching may turn your teeth blue or grey and increases the chance for tooth decay. It is recommended to use these strips sparingly or when it is needed. Read the label for usage recommendations.

Tooth Sensitivity

Since the whitening strips remove the enamel on your teeth, you may experience mild to severe tooth sensitivity for weeks. If you are using whitening strips then don’t forget to brush your teeth with mild toothpaste and soft and soft bristled brush, to remove the adhesive and gel from your teeth. 


Whitening strips may not be helpful if your teeth discoloration is due to poor oral hygiene and is brown, grey or you have fillings or crowns.

Check your dentist before trying any whitening product.

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