When it comes to dividing a room, room divider is the first choice for everyone. Also known as the room partition wall, room dividers are used for segregating the space. However, selecting an appropriate room divider can be complicated as it involves a vast selection. It arrives in various styles, designs, and materials.

Besides, using the room divider, you are availing the excellent option to transform the room interior with the least efforts. These are the portable room separators that you can help with anywhere in the home. Even for privacy issues, they are one of its kind as they are available as fixed and portable ones. Easy in installation, they require no extra installation.

Here, explore the types and benefits of room dividers.

Types of room dividers

Folding room Divider

Folding room dividers are suitable for remote owners, and if you are changing your apartment, this folding divider is for you. It is easily foldable and portable, unlike other divisions, with a broad and long footprint. But, if you host a space crunch, it is not for you, and with a little high wind, it can fall over.

This is the standard kind of room partitions, and you can spot them in the commercial centers or anywhere offering casual ambiance. These are made of wooden sheets and are usually lighter in weight with comfortable construction. The most notable feature of this divider is that it hosts easy cleaning.

Furthermore, more features of this wooden wall are like they don’t take away the sense of space. Also, made of wood, they create a sense of flow, open the space by allowing no light, and don't tend to break with slight wind, offering the application of pleasure.

Wooden room divider

Everyone does not commonly use wooden partition as they are prone to get infected with insects, pests, and damages due to moisture. Not often preferable, they are not even soundproof.

As the name suggests, the wooden room dividers are designed of high-quality wood material with a stylish appearance. These are made of solid material or light wood. From the bottom, these are not fixed to the floor and host a movable base, allowing easy cleaning. Besides, they require no more significant installation and can be fixed easily to the wall using screws. With the varied designs, they can be used as a decorative piece.

However, they offer the elegant yet modern design look, blending with your interior. If you desire to get a room divider idea for a modern interior house, prefer the wooden one but with a mentality to avail high maintenance.

If you desire to use something cool and chic, these dividers are ideal for you. These are some of the popular modern partitions suitable for homes. Featuring the cluster of finishes, they will offer great appeal, pleasing your eyes. There is also a vast selection of upholstery involved while purchasing these dividers to beautify your home.

Benefits of installing the room dividers

The idea for room divider panels is meant to segregate the large areas into small ones. They arrived with the easy installation procedure and are suitable for -


The primary purpose of using the partition room divider is to divide the rooms into smaller spaces. Suppose, if you have a shared living and dining area, you can divide by utilizing a room divider. Hence, it ensures the appropriate utilization of space.


Privacy is an essential feature facilitating the need for a room divider. If you have limited space in your home and want to create a separate study or workspace, it’s better to use the division to provide you with the needed privacy to perform your tasks.

Interior design

The room divider with distinct design options like texture, pattern, colour, and material can enhance your space, whether it’s an office or home. With modern accessories, they have the charm to transform the area, leading to a captivating look.


Different places are there at your home where room partitions can be used. It can divide the kitchen with the living area or dining area, room with a separate space for a wardrobe, etc. The dividers can be used everywhere, including restaurants, pubs, homes, offices, bars, cafes, libraries, airports, factories, and more.

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