Hair weaves are also known as hair extensions. These are bundles of hair that can be attached to increase the volume and fullness of hair. A human hair weave is a bundle of hair, generally sourced from real, human hair. It is the most in-demand type of virgin human hair. Since these have never been chemically treated, the wearer can subject them to many styles and also colour them.

Hair weaves can be glued, sewn or clipped on to the hair using the clips present beneath them. Weaves can be made from different hair types and textures. Here is a list of the various types available.

Peruvian Hair Weaves
Peruvian hair comes in many textures. It is the most popular and sought after product. It is best for women with curly or kinky hair. It is highly suggested for African American hair types of those with more coarse hair texture. Generally, these are available in darker shades. The curls in Peruvian hair is easy to manage and they can retain styles for long.

Indian Hair
Indian hair has the thickest texture out of all these hair types. It is usually available in darker shades. Some shades of brown can also be found. They have a fine texture and are very lustrous. Indian hair can be found in both thin and thick types, which makes it quite versatile. The hair is free-flowing and can be curled in any way.

Malaysian Hair
Malaysian hair is usually very soft and silky. It comes with a soft and smooth texture. The strands and very thin and full of lustre. It is best suited for women looking for straight hair. Once straightened, they can retain it for a long time. These are also mostly available in darker shades.

European Hair
European hair is sourced from the European subcontinent. It often includes Eurasian hair as well, which contains some mix of Asian hair. The huge area results in a variety of styles and colours. They're available in light and dark shades as well as straight, curly and wavy styles.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian Hair is highly textured and voluminous. they're available in darker shades. Some are available in shades of brown as well. It is best suited for women with thick hair.
Hair weaves are easy to maintain. They can be washed with sulphate and paraben-free shampoos. Since they are an addition and do not cover the entire hair, it is best to select one that closely matches the existing hair.

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