This picture-perfect town of Florida did not have access to medical marijuana before 2016. Florida passed a bill in Nov 2016 to legalize medical cannabis. Since then medical marijuana industry of Sunrise is growing. Smoking marijuana was banned even after legalizing marijuana but in 2019 March the ban was lifted. Now the patients have full access to cannabis products and many dispensaries are being open to help patients. Credit goes to the public for supporting marijuana over the years.
Cannabis products:
• Smoking:
One of the most popular ways to use marijuana is smoking. There are lots of ways like joint or cannabis cigarettes. Smoke it like a normal cigarette.
Another way to use marijuana is to smoke in pipe or bong.
• Medicinal marijuana to be ingested orally:
If you don't like to or feel shy about inhaling weed you can take it orally just like any other pharmaceutical medications. You can also use marijuana in tinctures form. Producers of edible marijuana are not approved by the state's Office of Medical Marijuana.
• Vaporizers:
Specialized devices heat cannabis flower at the right temperature so that cannabinoids can be evaporated. You can use cannabis buds or concentrates. Concentrates are the purest form of oil extracted from the cannabis plant. These are quite strong and can be found easily on Local Florida dispensary.
• Tropical products:
Tropical products are used on part of the body having chronic pain. It can be in the form of balms, creams, and salves. They get absorbed by body abs give localized relief.
MyFloridaGreen was established in 2016 to help patients to live pain free life by using marijuana. If you live in Sunrise and are looking to use marijuana legally for your ailment, the first step is to be a valid and qualifying patient so your doctor can authorize you/recommendation.
Qualifying health condition:
The list of qualifying conditions is quite extensive but we have listed below few of those for you.


Back Pain

● Cachexia

● Diabetes

● Hepatitis C

● Irritable Bowel Syndrome

● Lyme Disease

● Migraine

● Muscle Spasms

● Muscular

● Muscular Dystrophy

● Other Debilitating

● Severe & Chronic Pain

● Severe Nausea

● Sickle Cell Anemia

● Spasticity

If you have any of above condition follow simple process to get your hands on your medical marijuana Sunrise card.
1. Establish a care with qualified cannabis doctor
2. Book an appointment and visit in person on day of appointment
3. Get your recommendation
4. Get your card.
Following are some benefits of marijuana:
• It stops cancer from spreading
• It decreases symptoms of Dravet's syndrome
• It improves lungs
• Help people trying to leave drinking
• Legalization of marijuana seems to reduced overdose death from opioids
• Eases pain of multiple sclerosis
• Eliminates nightmares
• Reduces pain and nausea from chemotherapy
We hope this detailed article will answer most of the questions related to marijuana. However, If you still require any information contact MyFloridaGreen and become our community member to enjoy our lifelong services.

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Those who are looking for a medical marijuana card in Naples or all over Florida and who do not have any idea about medical marijuana card they should visit My Florida Green. My Florida Green makes getting your Florida Medical Marijuana Card easy. HQ in Naples. Those who want to have access to medical marijuana in Naples will need to have a qualifying condition as determined by a medical doctor.