According to reports - “80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.” With visuals dominating the internet, the need for high-quality images that attract the viewers has drastically increased. The quality of an image has a significant relationship with the ability to persuade potential customers and attract them to stay longer on the online store.

Dull and unattractive images are one of the primary causes of losing out customers on an eCommerce store. Images that lack quality in terms of relevance and are unappealing, easily divert the users.

Therefore, businesses who are struggling to attract customers due to low-quality photos, are advised to take assistance from photo editing professionals offering Photo Resizing Services. Photo resizing professionally optimizes the product photos for maximum conversion. It involves effective photo editing techniques that turn the poor quality product images into awesome ones that never cease to attract the customers.

Now, prior to going on how photo resizing can help you, let's have a look at why product photos are significant for eCommerce.

Product Photos - The Key To eCommerce Success

If you are selling your products online then having professional and high-quality product photos play the primary role in building the foundation of your online store. As the customers are unable to have the actual look and feel of the product, they depend on the product images for the information they are seeking. In this way, images communicate with the customer giving them an actual representation of the original product.

Photos Attract More Conversion:

Almost all buyers wish to see the product photos first, seeking the information they need. If the product image is compelling enough to project a favorable impression of the product, there are more chances of the buyer making a purchase. Thus, the decision of buying the product is directly related to the quality of the product photography/image.

Present Better Understanding Of The Product:

Professionally edited images showcase the products from different perspectives and angles, allowing buyers to have a better understanding of what the actual product is going to be like.

Build Trust:

Images free from distractions and having focussed subject deliver clarity and transparency about the product. This builds customer’s trust in both your products and your brand.

Transform Product Photos Into Assets With Photo Resizing Services

Pixels play a major role in digital images and if not resized proficiently as per the aspect ratio (size or dimension), it may hamper the image quality. Such low-quality images are not suitable for websites as it may not grab the buyer’s attention right away. Thus, it is advisable to have photo editing experts for proper image optimization.

Image resizing and processing techniques include slicing, cropping, or eliminating some distorted objects or unwanted elements from the background etc. Experts use such techniques to proficiently reduce or enlarge digital photos without degrading their quality, making them suitable for web publishing. Further, they can eliminate warped elements and distortions caused by light, movement, camera shakes, altered skin textures, etc.

To conclude, we all know that marketplaces are replete with multiple options of the same product. And, buyers tend to cross-check most of the options before finalizing their decision. Thus, it gets necessary to include appealing product photos with relevant and informative product copy to appeal to potential buyers and drive more sales. With photo editing services, you gain a competitive edge by having high-quality product photos to boost your sales.

Want your product photos to have better clarity and quality so that they can persuade the buyers? Opt for professional photo editing services. Drop a mail at and get a consultation on how you can get perfectly optimized product images.

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