Apple is one of the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. The App Store is considered to be the most profitable revenue generator for Apple as well as the app developers. In the recent years, mobile application development in iOS has increased tremendously. So it is obvious that the developers are keen to get on to the most recent trends of custom iPhone application development.

However, there is increased competition between the apps which are shown on the App store. Apps are inculcating various new rich features, design and technologies to get ahead in the market. This leads to higher user engagement and also ensures conversion. iOS apps are targeting iPhone users by getting more into details about the requirements of the users and understanding their behavior. There are plethora of reasons why most of the businesses are going for iOS app development. Let’s get into the reasons why iOS app development will dominate the market in coming times.

1. Applications enabled by Internet of Things
Internet of Things or IoT has emerged as a revolutionary technology in recent times. More people are now getting on the bandwagon to use smart devices. Most of the larger companies are now investing heavily on this technology. Different industries are doing the same and iOS development company are no exceptions. In recent years, there has been a significant rise of IoT enabled apps in the market.

These apps provide more revenues due to the growth of smart devices. iOS app developers are now keen to develop IoT enabled apps by utilizing this technology. The IoT devices are actually based on sensors as well as transmitters and the app developers need to recognize these signals which are emitted from these different smart devices.

Moreover, there need to have the ability to exchange large amount of information over the Wi-Fi. iOS apps are getting more intelligent by gathering information from sensors.

There are various apps that enable the user to control the temperature of the room or car, enable smart devices while being away from the home, monitor homes while being mobile. iPhone users are generally from middle to higher income groups, and they are rapidly adopting smart devices. This opens up huge opportunity for the developers for custom iOS application development.

2. Growing use of GPS and Introduction of Augmented Reality
The iOS developers of current times are targeting the market to best use the GPS technology in combination with the most recent technology called Augmented Reality. The success of PokemonGo in 2016 has proven that GPS can certainly act as key driver for mobile application development. The developers are now adding value to their apps by means of utilizing the navigational as well as location-tracking features of smart or IoT based devices.

Even 3D game players are now expected to leverage this technology while keeping an eye for the crucial aspect of security. GPS along with Augmented Reality in iOS apps will be the key trend in coming years and it will dominate the app market by targeting younger users. So the app development companies will hire iOS app developers who are proficient in developing Augmented Reality based apps.

3. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in iOS apps
Apple has certainly shown increased usage of machine learning with the introduction of personal assistant Siri in the voice aspect of the iPhones. The voice of Siri is currently generated through AI or artificial intelligence. It easily understands the speech of the users and provides the users which the results which are nearly accurate.

Apple is now allowing the developers to leverage this tremendous power of AI within the iOS apps. Siri will essentially perform as a voice assistant as well as task manager in order to provide high contextual value. AI will dominate the coming years in mobile application development and with the open usage of AI in iOS apps, it will certainly capture a larger portion of market.

4. Improved Swift 4 Programming Language
Apple has shown that Swift 4 isn’t just a programming language but it is the one which is being adopted by a large number of developers. Its main advantage is that it allows the developers to build more robust as well as scalable applications.

Also, the iOS app developers are now developing apps at much faster rate while not compromising on the security aspect as well as performance of the apps. This leads to better applications which will help the iOS app development dominate the app market in coming years.

5. Introduction of Apple HomeKit
Apple has introduced Apple HomeKit framework which is designed for the home automation. The main purpose that it is serving is to enable the interaction of the smart devices at home.

A large number of iOS app developers are now creating apps with the assistance of Apple HomeKit that essentially enables different smart devices in the home to abide by different prompts that are issued by the users.

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