God has created us with careful precision that makes our skin type different form one another. The things that suit you might not be able to go well with your friend. Knowing ones skin type will help you pamper your skin in the right way. He skin that covers our face is quite different from that which covers the rest of our body. It is quite delicate and needs proper care else it is likely to fade and develop pigmentation spots. With the right facial treatment your skin will heal and rejuvenate and will make you look much younger. 

This article provides you with an easy guide that will help you get the best facial treatment according to your skin type:


While opting for facial treatment in Wetherill Park looks out for the professionals who treat you on the basis of your skin type. If you have normal skin then you are at an added advantage as it can be treated with a vast majority of moisturizers, facial masks as well as toners. Also you need not worry about getting any allergic reactions as these products will completely blend with your skin! 

Normally a typical facial that is likely to suit your skin includes exfoliation, thorough moisturizing massage, a very deep facial cleansing mask (helps to clean out your pores)and last but not the least application of a protective serum. They might even apply an under eye gel that will help to refresh and lift up your skin.


In case you have oily skin which is super prone to the development of acne and breakouts, you need to be really careful about what you expose your skin to. Be mindful of choosing any kind of facial treatment. Essentially the traditional facials are done by using essential oils and moisturizers that will clog the pores even more and lead to an increase of oiliness of your skin and this in turn will increase more acne development. 

All you need is a deep cleansing of your pores or a European facial that effectively helps to unclog the pores and cleans them thoroughly. If you are highly prone to acne then going for a more intensive acne facial is a good choice!


If you have a combination skin type then do not worry as the recent science has developed a lot and paved way for your skin treatment in the best possible manner! Do not get disheartened as these products might seem a bit costly but they are highly effective. You will have to treat the normal and the oily areas individually.

There are a lot of guidelines that must be followed while choosing a facial salon in Wetherill Park. The first thing that needs to be considered is the hygiene and cleanliness maintained at such salons. You may get its idea by going through the past client reviews as they might have mentioned something or the other regarding the staff behavior as well as the hygiene standards maintained there.

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