It is estimated that 700,000 workers took to carry out the gigantic task of creating the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang complex near the city of Xian. It is unclear how many artisans actually participate in the shaping and building the terracotta soldiers, however, it is clear that the taking of 8,000 life-size figures of clay was not an easy task.

The ancient Chinese "conveyor belt", initiated by the supply of materials. It is believed that the best terracotta clay was found near the construction site. That was taken to a central workshop where the mud was cleaned and prepared for the molding.

Terracotta clay mass is dispersed to the various workshops where workers rolled in the leaves. Artisans became the clay sheets in the details of the hollow body for warriors. The body of a terracotta warrior was generally mounted on the legs, two parts of the torso and arms. The head and the palms that it involves more preparation and attention are added at a later stage. It is almost certain that the terracotta soldiers were crafted from head to toe.

It took good quality and accuracy molds to generate faces, hands and fingers of the Xian Terracotta Warriors. Scientists now consider that there were only eight dissimilar face molds worn in the site of Xian. At first glimpse it seems approximately amazing, since all the 8000 terracotta soldiers have exclusive facial features. Nevertheless, only the essential shapes of the face out of the molds. Chinese artisans then had to make strenuous manual work by adding the individuality of each man.

When the Xian Terracotta Warrior was built, was sent to a workshop to color. What we see now is only the remains of the bizarre warriors. They were covered all incredibly bright colors that actually represents the uniform of the army of the times. 2200 years, the colors fade and only a series of rigorous tests can verify the unique colors of the Terracotta Warriors.

Some believe that the terracotta warriors were made to look like warriors guard the First Emperor. This theory is not very credible, however. It took ages to build all the 8,000 warriors and many guards have lost life’s in battles or change your place of service. In other words - it is difficult to capture the faces of the army if the quota is varying so frequently. Nevertheless, it is probable that a number of the noblest warriors to guard the First Emperor are in reality perpetuated by his imitations of terracotta.

A project of this magnitude would be impossible without strict management system and good, especially when the various stages of the work was carried out by independent repairers. All workers and craftsman was in the right place at the right time and do the right thing. This wonderful example of ancient history shows that while the tape was invented in the 20th century, people had actually been using techniques of mass production of thousands of years before. During Xian province visit don’t forget to take a tour to Shanghai the most happening city of China. In fact the government has done every possible work to promote Shanghai tourism to attract tourist.

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