When it comes to making a bold statement across the flat surface, the wall murals are what you should look for. Such art works are now found everywhere in interiors including hotel lobbies, office compounds and sophisticated homes. Well, it is nothing to confuse with the wallpapers that cover the wall. Instead of repeating the pattern, mural consists of a single image that covers the wall.

However, with the increasing demand of the murals, a great range of designs are available from the oversized version of famous artwork to photorealistic prints. And, you will get wall you can marvel at. 

So, how to choose a wall mural?

A mural can express your interest and taste for your life with a creative flair. Wallpaper murals in Perth are available in various size, images, material and companies can personalize it according to your preference.

Where should you put your murals?

Murals work great in business as well as residential settings. Whereas it can enhance home decor, at the same time mural can give a fresh and energetic work environment while serving a few purposes. Well, here are a few ideas you should look for your home-

  • Make a wall art at the entryway or the living room, which your guests can marvel at.
  • You can create a great escape from stress besides stating the lifestyle in a wide open space.
  • Keep the feel larger and can add the lightness into the dark corner of a small space like a bathroom with bright-coloured murals.
  • Keep the accent wall with a fun pattern, instead of applying plain paint. 

In a business setting, murals set the tone for patrons, employees and partners. Here are a few ideas on how you can add office murals-

  • With office murals, you can extend your brand with a number of branding elements and logos.
  • Restaurant owners can create an amazing experience for dining with murals.
  • You can add a seasonal backdrop for the retail store.
  • Easy to build student’s learning spirit by adding logos to classrooms, hallways and mascots.
  • Easy to set a relaxing atmosphere for a spa or salon.

Selecting the murals by colour: Did you know, there is a big difference between room colour pattern and colour palettes? While applying custom wallpaper by Perth professionals, you get the scope for using bold colour schemes for the walls. And, your major approaches should be selecting your wall art according to the colours that are already present around.

  • Your wall art should have a background colour that can match the colours of other elements in your home.
  • Use the same colour for your murals as your walls, but in different shades. For example, a light blue and white painting looks beautiful on a navy blue wall.
  • Choose a wall art combining the colours, but it should not exceed four colours to pull together.
  • Keep the colours in your wall art in equal proportion to their presence in your room. For example, if your place has black and white walls with red throw pillows, you can select a wall art in black and white with a touch of red.

 Lastly, you should choose murals wisely, that can perfectly go with the decorating style of your home. For modern minimalistic decor, snowy wall mural or Victorian era ornate can’t complement, whereas a clean and contemporary wall mural can echo the interior decor.

Author's Bio: 

The author is associated with one of the renowned shops that offer wallpaper murals in Perth. With a keen interest in custom wallpapers and write articles on that, defining ways and the changing trends of the wallpaper.