All of us do our best to make sure our child’s birthday is as safe as possible. But accidents do happen. Since prevention is always better than cure, it’s a way better to stay prepared. Foods, party favours, balloons and inflatables are as enjoyable as dangerous you may think. Here are a few things you must ensure-


Food safety: Nowadays, food allergies are becoming quite common among children, and food poisoning can be the problem too. To avoid any such risk, make sure the food supplier has cooked food thoroughly. One thing you can do is cover and refrigerate the food as well as the drink until it’s time feed the children.


One more thing you can do is ask the parents of each invited children about whether they have any allergy from any food.


Grilling safety: Do your kid’s party has the facility to on-spot grilling and eating? Well, with such facility of food preparation at your kid’s parties, you may have to be equipped with the grill, gas or charcoal. Make sure you douse the coal before dumping them. It helps to keep children away from the reach of harming elements.

Always keep the spray bottle as well as fire extinguisher at hand for the situation if the wind rises the flame. And, make sure the children are away from the grill area.


Balloons and party favours: Whether you know or not, balloons or inflatables can pose a higher risk to the children. Children tend to put balloons in the mouth, suck or sometimes pop them with teeth. In such cases, try using foil balloons, instead of latex one, which can prevent any mishaps from happening. Moreover, spare giving inappropriate party favours to the toddlers. For example, cars or marvels may come off in parts without the proper use.


Jumping castles: Nowadays, jumping castles are becoming a popular option across the parties for kids. Moreover, inflatable castle providers can go according to the theme you choose. For example, if your child loves Disney cartoon characters, Frozen Entertainer Sydney can arrange the inflatable as well as the characters walk into your party to surprise the kids. It is not that expensive, all you have to make sure a few things as mentioned below-


  • You have hired a reputable company with an attendant and sufficient equipment.
  • No food or drinks take away to the inflatable
  • Limiting the number of children when then access the inflatables.


Party entertainers: Nowadays, party entertainers come with a number of elements like magicians, clowns, gaming trailer, disco party as well as art and craft organiser. All you have to make sure that they have a useful review of well-interaction with the children and children can perceive the entertainers well.


Lastly, make sure you perform necessary safety checks before all begins. Keep contact details of the parents of each child invited at the party. Children are children after all, and hence being a supervising parent is what you should do is identify and minimise the hazards before they trigger.


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The author is a Kids Party Entertainer in Sydney who offers Frozen Entertainer package for kids’ party, as well as writes blogs and articles, make parents aware of the safety precautions.