Drastic weather changes and extreme weather conditions can cause massive damage to vehicles. Car radiators take the most beating of the bad conditions, extreme weather, and surroundings. Radiators are positioned right in the front of the car and open from both sides and are exposed to every element surrounding your car everywhere. Furthermore, the job of the radiator is to maintain the temperature of the vehicle atop all those harsh conditions giving it the beating.

A car's radiator is the center point of the cooling system and needs utmost care to keep your car in a good shape. Everyone good mechanic will advise you to pay extra attention to avoid cooling system problems, whether you visit the best service center near you or have at home auto repair.

All of us who are not expert mechanics or automobile enthusiasts need some tips on keeping our cars healthy. There are a few basics that we all know like:

a>- Maintain good levels of fluids
b>- Monitor if there is any corrosion and oxidation
c>- Periodic inspection of the radiator fans and thermostats
d>- Noticing if there has been any wear or tear in belts or hoses.

These basics will help avoid some massive issues that may arise. And save you from searching for full auto repair near you. Some of the massive issues that may be caused by not taking good care of your car radiator are:

1: Leakage of Antifreeze Liquid from Radiator

If you have been keeping a vigilant eye on your car's radiator, you can save yourself from a massive cost that can come from even the best price auto repair.

If you see a green, pink, or orange type of liquid puddling below your car or feel a scent of sweet coming out of your car's engine, you need is to rush to full-service auto repair near you. Here are some symptoms of radiator leakage in the car radiator. By addressing the leakage on time, you can save money and trouble it may cause you midway or during the rush hours.

2: Sudden Engine Temperature Rise or Smoke from Engine

You can witness a spike in the engine temperature visible in your car's dashboard panel if your car's cooling system is not working properly. Furthermore, if the car is heating too much, you will see the smoke coming out of the engine itself. Lower levels of the coolant liquid or malfunctioning radiator can cause these issues. It is ideal to call for at-home auto repair or visit the nearest car service station to get the car checked up and get the repair work started. At times, it's just the low levels of coolant overlooked by the mechanics and the car users, and just a top-up can fix the issue.

3: Dirty Radiator Grill

The grill installed right in the front middle of the car ahead of the radiator attracts a lot of dust and other particles from the air. The grill can easily trap those particles and choke the entire radiator system. It is important to clean and wash the radiator grill periodically. People who live around dirty, dusty, or muddy areas should focus on it more as the radiator is the only prominent source of air inflow for the engine.

Furthermore, a long-term build-up of this dirt and dust can trigger erosion of the metal or can cause overheating of the engine. You probably don't need to go for full auto repair near you, but a thorough inspection and cleaning of the radiator from the front periodically will surely help you well.

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