Managing and keeping a track of your credit cards and different loan accounts is of utmost importance. The process helps you maintain your finances properly and take apt decisions. And thanks to the latest security features and the personal account information you furnish to the lender, they and you can keep a track of each other. Plus, the information is used by the lender to contact you in case of any miscommunication occurs.
Now, given the ebb and flow of life, our personal information like account number, phone number etc. are likely to change with time. So, if that happens, it is the responsibility of the customer to update their account details with Bajaj Finserv to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. If you are unaware of the process, here's how you can update your account details with Bajaj Finserv.

1. Visit them personally
You can browse a Bajaj Finserv office near and go there. Get in touch with a branch official and discuss your need. They will hand over you an 'account information update' form which you have to fill up and submit it back to them. Once you submit the form, you will receive a service request number and the process of updating will start.
It generally takes 14–15 working days for the completion of the process. So, if you have any pending EMI in that month, please discuss it with the branch official.

2. Register a service request:
You can also use the bajaj finserv customer portal to register a service request or write them an email discussing your problem. The needful will be done by the customer care officials.

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