Whether you are a runner or professional athlete, knee pain can take a toll on your physical health. It keeps you from participating in your favorite sports. Stiffness, pain, and swelling in your knee joints can affect your mobility and can be extremely painful. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways you can engage in physical activities to reduce your knee pain and restore your mobility. Here are the best physical activities recommended by an joint replacement surgeon in Thane for people experiencing mild to severe joint pain.


Start with the basics. Stretching helps improve your joint flexibility. The more you bend and move your joints, the more flexible it gets. As a result, it helps improve your range of movements. Practice warm-up for the first 5-10 minutes before stretching your knees. Go walking, cycling, or swimming to get your body ready for stretching. A few stretching exercises that can improve your knee’s
flexibility include:

● Quadriceps stretch
● Heel and calf stretch
● Hamstring stretch

Perform stretching for 30-40 minutes every day either in the morning or before going to bed.

Walk Everyday

Go for a walk every day for 20-30 minutes. People with severe joint pain might find it hard to perform strenuous physical exercises. If you, too, are having a hard time moving your joint, try walking every day. It’s the easiest way to burn those extra calories, stay fit, and relieve your joint pain.

Strengthening Exercises

Consult a knee replacement surgeon in Thane to learn about the best physical exercises for arthritis. They will tell you the most suitable strengthening exercises that can improve your flexibility and increase the range of movement in your knee joint. However, do not perform any weight-lifting or other challenging physical exercises without consulting your doctor. A few safe and effective
strengthening exercises for arthritis patients are:

● Half squat
● Calf raises
● Hamstring curl
● Leg extensions
● Straight leg raises
● Side leg raises
● Prone leg raises

You can try other physical exercises based on what your doctor recommends. If you have recently gone through leg surgery, avoid any strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks. Anything that puts excess pressure on your knee joint (the affected area) should be avoided.

Try Yoga

Yoga is the safest way to gain flexibility and improve your range of motion. It is a low-impact exercise for patients suffering from osteoarthritis or extreme joint pain due to other medical conditions. Yoga builds flexibility, strength, mobility, and balance. When you perform yoga, your body gets through different motions that help improve your flexibility and reduce pain associated with poor postural habits. A few popular yoga poses for improving overall flexibility and reducing your joint pain are:

● Kundalini
● Restorative
● Yin
● Bikram
● Jivamukti
● Iyenger

Understand the basic yoga poses for beginners and practice a couple of them every day to restore your mobility and knee joint functioning.

These were the easiest physical activities you must try every day to reduce knee joint pain. Consult your doctor for more information about safe physical exercises to try for joint pain.

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