All about Commodity Funds: Thinking to invest in mutual fund, let us know today about commodity mutual funds. The commodity funds are those funds that have common holding in commodities. Commodity is any goods that may hold similar value of exchange and are traded on exchange. These are traded in both national and international market. The commodities traded are subject to demand and the market prices that govern the trade of these commodities.

Commodity Fund Investment
In a commodity fund the fund is invested in any particular commodity thereby allowing investors to get benefit of the return of the performance of these commodities in the market. Commodity fund not directly invest in commodities but they invest in the companies that are involved in commodity intensive industries, such as energy exploration and mining. The performance of such companies will loosely track the performance of commodities.

Understand Commodity Market
Investing in commodity mutual funds has its own risks and advantages. It is very important for early investors to have understanding of the commodity market and risk and benefit of investing in commodity funds. There is variety of funds available in the market. They are categorized on the basis of purpose of trade and investment.

Types of commodity funds
Basic true funds are one of the common type of commodity funds. The funds invest in commodities that are physical assets. One can also invest in the natural resources funds. These funds primarily invest in companies and organizations that deal with natural resources such as minerals, petroleum, oil & gold and silver etc. Another category is commodity future fund. The funds are deemed to be risky as they are subject to fluctuation in the market rates but on fall of the market this may cause a huge loss. One can also invest in combination of above mentioned funds.

One should invest in commodity for the following benefits for:

The diversification of portfolios
Protection against market fluctuations
Strategic advantage
Hedging against inflation
Flexibility in investments
Investing in the commodity funds requires a thorough understanding of the commodities and the market as it is quite complex and risky. These funds are highly subject to market fluctuations and hence are no concrete parameters for fixed or guaranteed returns.

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