Dating can be daunting regardless of which sex you lean towards. Dating in the straight community is known to be tricky, but for the most part, is manageable. In the LGBT community, however, the rules of dating are less clear cut and boundaries are harder to establish- this is especially true for the lesbian dating community.
Women are naturally complex and because of this, the women in question must understand each other on a deep level before the word love can be uttered.
Now, some people are still going to argue that straight dating is harder, but many people aren’t convinced. Why, you might be asking, would lesbian dating be harder? Women are supposed to understand each other, right? Not always.

When two women go on a first date, who is supposed to pay the bill? For straight couples, it’s easy to say that the man should pay or that the bill should be split down the middle. For lesbians, this can be a dilemma as there is no man in sight and neither woman can truly be considered “the man”. This can lead to an awkward conversation. This is the same idea when it comes to who initiates the date.

A big part of dating in the LGBT community is that compared to the straight dating community, the dating pool is small. Chances are, the girl that your best friend has just asked out, will have dated one of your friend’s exes or is related to him or her somehow. This can cause problems with jealousy and cause tensions to run high between potential- and even long term- partners.

Where to go on a date is another problem that lesbians face when dating. This problem is essentially made worse when you think of how likely it is that a lesbian might run into one of her or her dates exes at a party, club, or gay bar where the first date might be taking place. Some people aren’t bothered by this, but others, however, find it to be intimidating and feeling that way can ruin a good date.

Once two lesbians are committed to each other and have taken their relationship out in public, the couple might get asked weird questions. Some of the questions include:
• “Who’s the man of the relationship?”
• “Are you sisters or…?”
• “Don’t you ever want kids?”
• “How do you have sex?”

While most of these questions are meant harmlessly, they can be uncomfortable to answer and often, there isn’t a good answer. Even less often is there an appropriate time to ask someone these questions, and lesbian couples would appreciate it if you held off on asking.

If a lesbian couple wants to get married, most can. However, this isn’t a universal fact and in some countries (as well as states in the U.S) it’s still illegal for same sex couples to be legally married. Why? It usually comes down to religious reasons, but in some cases, it’s unclear as to why the joining of two people would be so terrible as to have it be against the law. This also means that, because of the inequality and total fear that lesbians in areas like this are surrounded by, some of the best lesbian d sites are full of single lesbians who are oppressed and shamed for being themselves.

So, what do you think? Is it harder to date as a lesbian couple or as a straight couple?

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