Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. This is not the only reason why it is visited by millions of people, every year. Setting aside commercial and business purposes, there are plenty of reasons why Abu Dhabi is in the list of most visited cities in the world. It is known for being the perfect blend of both tradition and modern approach, retaining the elegance. People who visit Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, often visit Abu Dhabi as well to get some respite from the hustle and bustle. Abu Dhabi is not only a relief from the busy lifestyle of Dubai but is also a perfect place to witness some of the record setting creations.

It is the home to the world’s largest handmade handloom carpet, the Ferrari World, the highest high tea and lots more. To get an insight into the cultural kaleidoscope of the Arabian traditions, Abu Dhabi is the best place. Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city, along the coastline of the Persian Gulf. The city also boasts of some of the most magnificent architectural manifestations. The premium shopping malls, the mesmerizing Yas Island and a lot more calls for at least a single visit to the place.

Abu Dhabi holidays

Abu Dhabi city tour is an incredible experience with its perennial sunshine, impressive sand dunes, pristine beaches and a vivacious cosmopolitan lifestyle. Every holidaymaker in Abu Dhabi loves to get a dose of Arabian hospitality. It is a wonderful destination for both novice and experienced travelers.

Heritage Village:-

Heritage Village is a museum offering an insight into the city’s glorious past. The visitors can explore the local Bedouin lifestyle and the tradition which is an inseparable part of the city. There are tents, courtyard houses and the ancient irrigation system which are things worth seeing. The visitors can also buy exotic spices and authentic pottery from the various souvenir shops that are found here.

Khalifa Park Museum:-

Another great place to know about the culture and history of the city, this museum takes visitors back to the prehistoric times. The Emirates has a rich culture and history and this museum is the perfect place to know that. The Time Tunnel Ride is the most interesting highlight of this museum.

Khalifa Park:-

This is another popular attraction for both the foreigners and the locals. Located very near to the old airport of the city, the park has a beautifully landscaped avenue, maritime museum, a central plaza for meetings, an amphitheater, a party hall, and a theme park. The visitors can also take a trip to the beautiful mosque.

The Corniche:-

This is the most beautiful part of the city, also known as its heart. The area boasts of some beautiful fountains, a park-lined coastal boulevard and buildings that speak volumes about the contemporary growth of the city. It is also the perfect spot for bird watching and fishing, besides some other popular leisure pursuits.

Ferrari World:-

Abu Dhabi tour is incomplete without a visit to the Ferrari World. It is the world’s first Ferrari theme park and offers some of the most marvellous Ferrari inspired rides and attractions. It boasts of the presence of 37 record-setting rides which are not only thrilling but also the best choices for adventure lovers. The main attractions are the Flying Aces ride and fastest roller-coaster in the world Formula Rossa.

Al Forsan International Sports Resort:-

When doing something different is on the agenda, Al Forsan International Sports Resort provides the perfect retreat. A dedicated area for engaging in some sports activities or bringing out the sports enthusiast inside, every kind of sports lover finds this place refreshing. Motorsports, water-sports, shooting, paintball, equestrian events, and every other kind of sports recreation are highlighted here.

Be it diving into the turquoise waters, relaxing on the beaches or shopping till the bags are full, Abu Dhabi has everything that an inquisitive mind and a tired soul looks forward to.

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