All passive houses we come across are built keeping a single objective in mind – sustainable living. These homes are truly energy-efficient and healthy dwellings constructed keeping ecological benefits into account. These homes are constructed so that inmates can enjoy comfortable living with constant temperature prevailing in each and every room, all throughout a year. Interestingly the energy consumption in passive houses is only a mere 10% of what conventional homes consume. The advantages of passive homes have been discussed in the following lines: 

Temperature inside stays even throughout 

On winter nights you have often wished for warmth and simultaneously when summers arrive you get sweaty and feel uncomfortable and that’s when you desire for cooler rooms. What if you get the best of both seasons in just one home? Yes! We are talking about Energy Efficient Homes which offer a stable temperature throughout. Passive built homes are designed scientifically to curtail on heat loss during winter months. Similarly during summer, these homes put off heat inputs while ensuring that an ideal temperature is maintained throughout. 

Temperature remain stable and comfortable throughout the house 

One of the reasons why passive homes are so much in demand is because of their level of comfort. Insulated panels are implanted inside allowing rooms to be comfortable even when it is chilling or hot outside. Passive homes are built in a way such that cold spots can be avoided by preventing energy escape. 

Curtails heating expenditure 

Every year you become tired of huge utility bills owing to the excessive use of heaters around your home. You can talk to Passive House Builders in Melbourne for making your home energy efficient. These sustainable homes ensure that you pay only 10% of the actual utility bills owing to the presence of insulation panels and objects which help prevent escape of indoor heat. 

You enjoy living with optimum solar orientation 

If it’s a new house the orientation of the passive building will naturally adapt to solar exposure and will thus try to generate maximum benefits out of such solar heat and natural light. This will further help in avoiding overheating during summer. 

Curtailing on CO2 emissions 

Can you imagine living in a home that’s eco-friendly, contributing to the environment? It’s time to shift to passive housing. Homes built keeping passive housing in mind consume very less amount of energy and hence carbon emissions are reduced to a great extent. Emissions get lowered by 90% which means your surroundings remain pure and pollution free. 

Blessed with the domotic home 

The passive house is controlled automatically; and exactly how? Well! The domotic feature of these sustainable homes allows them to collect data pertaining to temperature, energy cost and operation of systems in simplified ways. Your home automatically adapts to each and every need of a moment. 

Furthermore passive homes are known for being ventilation efficient. With installation of a proper ventilation system air circulation can be totally controlled without causing temperature changes while ensuring a healthy and pleasant sensation. 

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The author is one of the renowned Passive House Builders Melbourne. In recent times the author has been shedding light on energy efficient homes.