ASP.NET remains to be among the most successful and best web application frameworks introduced by Microsoft. With each update, the latest and extended features were duly added which assisted the developers to easily deploy high-performance and highly scalable web applications.

When coupled with performance tools as well as application monitoring, .NET became a powerful solution for creating incredible applications. Within this particular framework, there are a plethora of features which help the dot net developer to easily overcome common developmental challenges and perform more with the applications as well as boost performance.

Let’s look at the top .NET features to build applications

1.Cross-platform along with Container Support

The .NET Core introduction created new opportunities which allowed any custom software development company to develop .NET applications and easily deploy them to Linux, Windows and macOS. Microsoft and different other communities have put in immense efforts in making Linux be the best operating system for running .NET.

Containers are now eating the clouds in these times. Kubernetes, Docker and different other technologies are certainly quite popular. .NET Core actually allows the dot net developer to use all of these latest technologies fully. Microsoft Azure also has great support for the deployment of the application to containers as well as Kubernetes.

2.Delivering High Performance

Few experts say that performance is the crucial feature of any software. With the introduction of .NET Core as well as Kestrel web server, .NET is currently touted as among the fastest web application frameworks that are available. The technology which powered the .NET integrated pipeline, as well as IIS, was nearly a decade old. The latest Kestrel web server was duly designed from the basic in order to take full benefits of asynchronous programming models, whether it is fast or much more lightweight.

3.Unified Model-View-Controller and Web API frameworks

Before .NET Core, the developers were often using MVC as well as Web API frameworks. MVC is actually tailored to create different web applications which served up HTML. The Web API was actually designed to create RESTful services utilizing XML or JSON. With the .NET Core, both MVC, as well as Web API, have been duly merged together. Combining them turned out to be a good decision, and it simplified the development.

4.SignalR and WebSockets

.NET has best-in-class support for WebSockets. This can easily be used to persist even long-running connections as well as communicate back and forth with any browser. SignalR is actually a complete framework which is available that makes it quite easier to handle various common scenarios.

The dot net developer uses Signal quite heavily. For instance, whenever a developer is viewing the current monitoring data about a particular server, every time he receives the data, he pushes it to the browser immediately so that the user can easily see the update in real time.

5.Easily Extensible Output Caching

This particular feature allows the .NET to easily cache the output that is generated by any page and serve this cached content for any types of future requests. It actually stores the data which isn’t updated frequently and outputs a particular data from a specified cached location. .NET makes it quite easier to specify exactly how long a particular request needs to be cached through common HTTP headers. It does have support for caching output within the entire memory of the web server itself. The developer can even use Redis or any other providers in order to handle the output caching.

6.Localization and Globalization

.NET makes it quite easier to localize numbers, dates, and the text within the particular application. During Microsoft app development, if you wish the application to be utilized all over the globe, localization is quite crucial. .NET enables customizing the application for different languages through resource files. These different resource files are actually considered as a central repository where all of the text is kept, and the different web pages can easily read this resource file and also get labels populated.


.NET has emerged as revolutionizing web application development framework. With a plethora of companies from different industries running .NET applications, the demand for custom software development companies specializing in .NET app development has increased. The above-mentioned features of .NET have allowed it to become the most-coveted web application development framework and it continues to lead from the forefront.

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