Amendment 2 in 2016 legalized medical use of marijuana.Initially, smoking was prohibited but in 2018 it was allowed too. Patients can smoke marijuana products only if recommended by a qualified physician. The prescription needs to be rewritten every 35days and only 2.5oz is allowed. Other marijuana products include:

· Sprays
· Oils
· Tinctures
· Cartridges
· Edibles.
Marijuana and its benefits:
Medical marijuana card in Merritt Island can be used to get marijuana. and medical marijuana can

· Relief chronic pain due to its chemical structure.
· Improve lungs capacity without causing any harm
· Fight cancer
· Help to lose weight by regulating insulin.
· Stabilize blood sugar
· Lower blood pressure
· Improve blood circulation
· Help autistic people by controlling the mood
· Treats depression
· Help in treating glaucoma by reducing pressure on eyeball
· Reduce arthritis pain
· Help with PTSD symptoms
· Helps in reducing side effects of Hepatitis C
· Help to reduce the pain of multiple sclerosis
· Treat inflammatory bowel disease and regulate seizures
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And many more benefits can be obtained from medical marijuana Merit Island for living a better and healthy life.

Medical marijuana card Merritt Island.

If you are 18 years old and permanent or seasonal resident of Merit island, having qualifying conditions like AIDs, Cancer, PTSD, cancer, arthritis, or any other condition listed by state, you are eligible to apply for your card. Before applying for your card get your written recommendation from a qualified doctor. Pay your fee and apply online. Don't forget to renew your card yearly and visit your doctor every 30 weeks.

Risk associated with medical marijuana:
People have been using marijuana for more than 2500 years for treating their health conditions. Marijuana is much safer from many deadly pharmaceutical drugs. A plethora of studies has found some negative effects of marijuana on human health. Have a look at them before.

· Daily users of marijuana have a chance of 2% to develop psychosis including schizophrenia.
· It might affect mental function and IQ level
· Marijuana can affect coordination and judgment.
· It can cause depression and bloodshot eyes
· It can make the patient feel dizzy by lowering the blood pressure
· It can increase Heartbeat and can cause hallucinations.
The rule for legally using marijuana is to stay within the law. Below are rules set by merit island for usage and possession of medical marijuana merit island.

· Cultivation of marijuana is prohibited
· Don’t consume marijuana
ü In public place
ü In state institute
ü On employers place if restricted by the employer
ü On public transport
ü Near schools
· Recreational use is not allowed
· You cannot possess or purchase more than 70days of supply
· Impaired driving not allowed
· Don’t share with anyone
· Taking marijuana out of state is illegal

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