Although it seems difficult, staying in shape after turning 50 rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit to a great extent. One also ends up saving a substantial amount of money. A talented team of scientists said maintaining muscle health when aging improves stamina, alleviates the chances of fractures, and speeds up recovery from sicknesses. Well, mentioned below are more exclusive benefits, which you may not have considered until now. Please check them out right away.

  1. Think Clearly

In addition to enhancing the physique, exercise also contributes to brain function. It has been shown to keep anxiety and stress at bay, both of which obstructs the decision-making process, or stops you from thinking clearly.  

  1. Spend Less on Healthcare

As per the latest studies, an average retiree spends approximately $6700 on healthcare each year. But complying with a comprehensive fitness regime strengthens health providing you with the opportunity to use your hard-earned money on something else rather than prescribed medications and tests.

The professionals working for a renowned academic medical institution said regular exercise manage or altogether prevent varied conditions namely,

If you stay fit, you would not need insurance too. This is because underwriters base the costs on your chances of death. For example, if you are obese, you are required to pay a high premium. But if your weight is ideal, the rate is automatically reduced.

  1. No Loss of Bone and Muscle Mass

With appropriate strength training, women especially can restore their muscle and bone mass. Studies have shown that age-related bone and muscle mass loss is more common in women, with menopause triggering the decline furthermore. Weight-based exercises successfully combat the said conditions

  1. Maintain Independence

Regular exercise allows you to enjoy cent percent independence. This is because several old age homes nowadays organize workout sessions, and persuade each occupant to participate.  Tai chi, yoga, Zumba, Muay Thai, etc. reduce the risk of trips or falls, which are the major cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries among senior citizens. 

  1. Feel Happier

There is an intrinsic connection between happiness and physical fitness. Apart from helping you feel energetic, being in the gym elevates your mood. It stimulates certain brain chemicals that promote relaxation and raises self-esteem.

  1. Live Long

Finally, yet importantly, four hours a week of regular exercise extend the lifespan by nearly five years. Now isn’t that amazing? Many experts believe aerobics to be a strong indicator of long-term mortality.

Paying attention towards fitness becomes specifically significant when one is growing old, thus, becoming more susceptible to complicated diseases. Well, the above discussion has most surely encouraged you to workout, at least few days a week, if not daily. The best gym in Phuket offers quality training sessions for an affordable price and tailors them in accordance with clientele requirements. Consider scheduling an appointment unhesitatingly.

Improved sex life is another worth-mentioning benefit of staying in shape. With age, you may lose libido or the urge to engage in physical intimacy. Exercise lets you get it back in no time.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.