For sportsmen, there is nothing more valuable than the tracksuit. It is a sportswear item consisting of a pair of pants and a full sleeved sweater. Each player or athlete will have a special dress for his or her, like a pair of shorts and a jersey for their game of basketball. But, they will have a tracksuit for their special warmup.

Important to Warm Up

Warming up is an essential part of any game for one reason. If you don’t warm up you will suffer cramps at the very least. At the worst, you will get a torn ligament or tendon. This will put you out of action for two to three months at least and this might mean that you sit out for the game that season. Everyone wants to skip that kind of a disaster.

When you warm up wearing a tracksuit, you increase your heartbeat and so more blood begins to flow through the blood vessels. The body temperature rises and this activates the nerves in your arms and legs. It allows the tissues to expand and contract faster without suffering damage. This is highly necessary for sportsmen because they stretch their legs and hand rapidly in the course of a game.

Design of Tracksuit

The tracksuit is meant to stretch and wick moisture. If you need a special design for your tracksuit, you can order it from the Tracksuit Manufacturers who are supplying your tracksuit. Usual color for a tracksuit is solid blue, violet, black, or grey. You might have a stripe of white or black running along the length of the hands and legs. At times, the tracksuit might be of two colors, especially if it is the colors of a company sponsoring you.

Another name for tracksuits is sweatsuit. This is because it wicks sweat well. Wicking is the process by which moisture is rejected from a material. Material that wicks well will not absorb water. Cotton absorbs about 19-20 times the moisture of polyester. So, if your sweat suit is made of cotton, it will become soggy soon with your sweat.

Latest Type of Tracksuits

Latest tracksuits are called shell suits. It has a mix of polyester and cellulose triacetate. You have many shiny colors and that is another reason for its popularity. The mesh interior makes it possible for one to wear tracksuits without any underwear. We call the bottoms of the sweatsuits as sweatpants.

Material Used for Tracksuits

Other kinds of fabric used to make tracksuits include nylon, polypropylene, spandex, fleece, and velvet. The tracksuit manufacturer chooses them because they have inherent properties that are suitable for making tracksuits. For instance, spandex expands 600% thereby allowing unlimited motion. It is breathable, wicks moisture, and dries quickly. Most of the cloth for exercise work is made from Spandex. You have more comfort and less chafing.

Polypropylene is another great choice. This plastic material is fully waterproof. You can use this for your running or tennis game and the dress will not get wet at all. The polypropylene material forces water to pass through the fabric, so it is a great base material for your tracksuit.

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