In today’s world, you cannot protect anything enough. You don’t know when your prized possession will disappear into the thin air in a blink of an eye. Same goes for your car. Just locking your car and rolling up the windows are never enough! Burglars and thieves are well equipped to break a lock, and get into your car. If you want to prevent that from happening, you need to take an extra step. You need to install a car tracker in your car.

Well, even then, you won’t be able to prevent your car from getting stolen, but you definitely can track its location and retrieve it with the help from the police. It the best thing you can do to protect your car. Cars are not something that we can afford to buy every other day, so we must take every possible step to ensure its protection. Your car is safe as long as you have installed car trackers. Select Auto Systems in UK provides a national installation of car trackers and in-car entertainment items. They have been in this field for more than 21 years and take pride in their high-level workmanship.

Various places to hide your car tracker:

The whole point of installing a GPS car tracker is to locate your car in case it goes missing. The signal picked up from the tracking device helps the policemen to pinpoint the location of your car and get it back to you. The tracker will work as long as it is inside the car; but if it is taken out of it, the whole process fails. So it is very important to install the trackstar tracking device in your car in a way that it remains well hidden. Here are some ideas where you can hide it:

  • Inside dashboard:
  • If you know how a dashboard is opened, it is the best place to hide the car tracking system. It is always recommended as the driver cannot easily locate it yet the tracking system will successfully pick up signals on the location and transmit it. This should be the main objective of installing the system in the first place.

  • In vehicle undercarriage:
  • Hiding the tracker under the vehicle is also an excellent idea. If your car tracker is magnetic, you can easily stick it on the underside of your car, on a metallic surface. It will become difficult to locate the small device if it is well hidden beneath the vehicle and the thief will not be able to locate it and uninstall it. However, you need to cover the device with some protective cover to prevent it from getting damaged by water or snow.

  • Front or rear plastic bumper:
  • Another perfect hideout is your plastic bumper in the front or rear. People usually don’t check the insides of a bumper and your tracker will remain safely hidden there. Also the bumper is removable so you can easily install it there.

  • Inside back brake lights:
  • You can also hide the car tracker inside the back brake lights. If you have the knowledge on how to install it there or know a mechanic who can take off the light cover, insert the device and then again replace it, the tracking device will remain safely hidden. However, one disadvantage of hiding the device here is in the case of brake failure. Then it will get easily discovered and ruin the purpose.

    Apart from these places, you can also hide the car tracker inside the car seat cushion or you can clip it onto the sun visors. Your car will be more protected if the tracking device is concealed properly, in a smart way.

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