Orchitis has a significant impact on the male body, while the proper nursing can reduce the impact of the disease. Men should pay attention to the damage of orchitis to the body. So what is the damage? How should men make nursing plan?

The damage of orchitis to the body

1. Cause other diseases. This can not be ignored, which means men should pay attention to other complications. Orchitis is easy to cause a variety of serious diseases, such as endocrine diseases, urinary system infection, varicocele, prostatitis and other diseases, seriously threatening patients' life and work.

2. Cause sexual dysfunction. For men, the worst result is the loss of sexual function. Orchitis can make male sexual function declined, or even completely lost, which greatly impacts the couple's sexual life. Sexual dysfunction can also lead to huge mental pressure on men, which can make them unable to focus on their work and life.

3. Cause infertility. Being in the reproductive stage, orchitis also has an impact on male fertility. Testicular is the organ that produces sperm, and if you have orchitis, it will lead to dead sperm, poor sperm and no sperm. Especially for young men, if you don't get treated in time, it will lead to infertility over time.

4. Cause premature aging. Patients often have some adverse physical phenomena, such as general weakness and mental exhaustion. If left untreated for a long time, this condition can cause greater harm and troubles for men, such as kidney damage and energy depletion. In the long run, men may get aged prematurely, according to medical experts.

How should men make nursing plan?

1. Pay daily attention to the testicle protection, and do not ignore the impact and consequences. Men should carefully protect their testicles, and they can massage them after taking a bath. Properly speaking, you should use the thumb to gently pinch the testicles clockwise and anticlockwise respectively for about 10 minutes.

2. In daily life, if you often feel testicle pain or discomfort, you should go to the hospital for check-ups in a timely manner. Early symptoms are usually easy to cure, but if you delay the treatment, it will be not easy to solve your problems later.

3. Pay attention to genital health and hygiene. Especially for men with redundant prepuce, they must clean the private part carefully, since smegma praeputii can easily stimulate the glans, causing acroposthitis, orchitis and other diseases.

4. Men need to pay attention to daily diet. Limit your intake of a variety of fatty foods, which tend to induce orchitis. Men should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy food, give up drinking and smoking, and so on.

5.The occurrence of diseases is often due to poor resistance. As a result, for men, boosting the body's immunity is a panacea. and doing more exercise is the best way. In daily life, men should avoid sitting for a long time, and try some outdoor sports, such as badminton and running. What's more, some gentle exercises are suitable for middle-aged and elderly men, such as yoga and tai chi, which can slowly improve the body's immunity and also help to improve the disease.

In addition to nursing plan, male patients need to rely more on timely and effective treatment measures to help them overcome difficulties. Generally speaking, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often seen as a good choice for male patients with orchitis. It can effectively eliminate inflammation, dispel pain, improve blood circulation, disperse tissue edema. Also, it can improve the male body immunity. This is a pure Chinese medicine product with no side effects, so men can take it for a long time to achieve a complete cure.

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