From getting a presentation ready to surfing for the latest web series online on the PC, we spend most of our time on a study table! So, why not make it much more interesting with the addition of zesty, thoughtful study table designs!
Study table design holds a vital importance in the home decor. If you wish to set a style statement in the room while also considering convenience and comfort then get your hands on the study table design that will satisfy both the aspects! A perfect size and an ideal height are the major factors while buying any furniture unit, but one thing that goes neglected is design. A beautiful design study table is necessary as you are going to accommodate it in your lovely abode. It should compliment the home decor and also be comfortable for you to study or work for long hours.
The online furniture stores offer the finest study table designs which mainly includes five types that we are going to talk about later.
From wall mounted study table designs to functional designs like the ones with extra shelves or beautiful carvings on its frame, everything is available online in different material, sizes and patterns! You can select the one that fits perfectly with your home decor.
Let’s explore the top 5 study table design available online.
1. Wall-mounted with shelf study table design:
It is the most popular design and known for its space saving abilities. This design is made more beautiful with the carvings and finishes which is available on online furniture store. The extra shelf allows you to store all your stuff inside it securely.
Go for this smart study table design which is multi-functional, convenient and simply stylish.

2. Traditional reading table design:
Wooden study table design with intricate carvings or floral carvings on the panel is a fantastic way to add richness to your study room decor. You can view this design online with different functionality and storage space. Some designs will have drawers, and some will have an extra cabinet with multiple drawers to keep all your files, notebooks and many more.

3. Foldable wall mounted study table design:
Spruce up your vertical space with this design! Until you unfold it, this study table design will be a beautiful cabinet on the wall, and if you open it, you will get an excellent reading table for your study-time.

4. Study table design with bookshelf:
Are you constantly tired of getting up from your seat to get the assignment books or your laptop? Then, this study table design with a large bookshelf will satiate your requirement aptly. It comes with the bookshelf and multiple shelves around the main writing desk. You can accumulate all your literature love at one place appropriately.

5. Study table with drafting desk design:
Are you a student of engineering or your job involves a lot of designing work? Then, this design is ideal for you! It has a perfect slanted writing desk where you can place the sheet and start working. Available with different design patterns this simple table is made fabulous and unique.
Make sure you consider the material too while searching the study table design online as it would affect the overall aesthetic appeal of the design. Metal study table design will give a modern and elegant look while the wooden study table design has carvings that provide a lavish, traditional and rich appeal.
Whether you go for an industrial theme or a traditional theme, make sure you consider the following mentioned study table design. Select the ones that match with your needs and also blends entirely with the decor of the room.
Jazz up the study room with the most exceptional study table design and make your study time productive and stylish!

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