In the scriptures, staying silent is always said to be beneficial. By staying silent, spiritual powers are developed and energy is stored in the body. Lord Shri Krishna has also given prominence to the restraint of speech in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and said that a silent fast increases the severity, self-power and speech power (later speech accomplishment). Staying silent is paramount in all qualities. There is also a saying that more hearer is better than more talker. It is also forbidden to speak with any kind of rhetoric or whispering in a silent fast. Saint Kabir also gave the message of speaking and harmonizing in silence.

In ancient times, every woman man had the power to curse and curse, the reason behind that was to remain silent. The less a person speaks, the more control over speech power, and when someone says something, the said event only happens. This power was abundant and active with the ancient sages, due to which they were able to give any wish or curse to anyone. Brahma has created speech only to express his feelings but we all have very bad speech. Not sure if you can watch a movie or your Eid around or yourself. People who are often silent, whoever this society does not spare, address such people as a society boastful or arrogant and even many times it is termed as antisocial person. While such people are using their speech correctly. Kabir Sahib has said that such a voice should be spoken so that the mind of both you and others is cool. If a person proves a speech and speaks more than necessary, then all achieved is destroyed within half a month. It is better to remain silent than to call any person bad, it does not mean that we are being tortured. Evil must always be opposed. By speaking Sadvani one gets the blessings of Guru Graha and by speaking bad speech one gets the grace of Rahu

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