A refrigerator that runs more or works hard to cool things off inside often taken for granted. Being one of the essential appliances, we often make it late to think about what causes damage to the refrigerator until it is too late. No matter how quick you identify the problem, it becomes a headache, which requires thorough research to find the fix or to know the refrigerator can be repaired or not. Here are 2 leading causes why your fridge get damaged-

Refrigerator Damage Caused by High Voltage Surge:

If there is an increase in voltage from a power surge, it causes an inrush of electrical current within the refrigerator. Since the surge generates an excessive amount of heat, it can damage multiple parts of a refrigerator. There are 3 components in a fridge that get damaged due to high voltage surge, which are compressor, ice maker and control board.

Control board is one of the sensitive components of your fridge, which makes it prone to damage at the event of a surge of electrical current, which creates excessive heat. Refrigerators with damaged control board can be easily repaired by fridge repair professional in Sydney CBD, and it is inexpensive too.

Apart from the control board, the compressor can also be damaged by a powerful high voltage surge. A high impact electrical event can affect the windings which are responsible for starting and running the functions in the compressor. This, in turn, can cause premature compressor failure. Since the compressor replacement involves a high cost, it may need a proper fix by fridge repair professionals or you can opt for refrigerator replacement.

Refrigerator Damage Caused Due to Lack of Maintenance: 

Longevity of the refrigerators typically go up to 17 years. Without proper maintenance, the lifespan of the refrigerator may get shorter. There are 3 main reasons why we see failure for refrigerator, which are failed fan motor, locked compressor and dirty condenser coils. Since the cooling system mainly runs by the refrigerator’s compressor, without it, refrigerator can’t function. Over time, the efficiency of the compressor gets compromised, and it gets mechanically locked. When it happens, you may get to hear a constant humming sound from the compressor, as it is about to start. Such noise may take place if the refrigerator is filled to the capacity or the coils are dirty.

Fridge failure also happens due to a dirty condenser coil, which is another common wear and tear related problem. Due to lack of regular cleaning, coils trap dirt and dust over time. It causes the inefficient transfer of the heat from the refrigerant to air, which makes the compressor work hard and cause it to fail prematurely. By following a routine coil cleaning, the problem can be easily prevented.

Apart from the compressor, the fan motor bearings are subject to failure, as it is gummed up with dirt over time and prevent the motor from running. If the replacement part is available, then it is possible to replace it and repair the refrigerator.

So, these were the reasons why fridge get damaged over time. By paying attention without delay and calling an expert for fridge repairs in Double Bay, you can give your fridge a new life.

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