Flirting is a skill. It's not something that one is born with. Instead, it is something that one acquires by practicing. For all those that wish to have a go at the art and master it too, here are a few tips.

Choose your targets. This is the 1st step in case you are looking for a high success rate. Most of the people think that they should be flirting only with those who they would like to date. But this approach can decrease the probability of your success significantly. Start flirting with random people each day. This'll help you perfect your skills. Don't go overboard. Instead, stick to refined and healthy flirting. Offer to carry a bag for a lady in case she is afflicted by back pain. Therefore when it's time to flirt with folks who really count, you may already have some experience by that point.

To start flirting, you want an opening line. Avoid using some clichd phrase for an opening line. This definitely would switch off the person you are trying to flirt with. So, begin with a standard conversation. If the person is your classmate you might talk about an assignment or the like. Or if it's someone that works alongside you, you could talk about a project meeting. Keep going with the conversation and you certainly would find moments to flirt.

Nothing works like a compliment when it is about successful flirting. Pick any thing that you like about them- the hair, beautiful tan, smile, eyes or even the way in which they dress. While you give away compliments, make certain you do not go too overboard or else you will sound fake. The concept is to tell them in a friendly way as to how much you like them.

Do not display anything that you do not have. Be humble and accept your flaws. It might be un-cool of you to ask somebody for a dance, if you are not fit for it yourself or if you have pain in the upper back. Therefore, it's better to do things that are your forte.

Grin as much as you can. Don't overdo it by smiling like a fool all of the time though . Simply putting on a pleasant grin will help you come across as a receptive and laid-back person. It also shows the person you're with, that you are truly enjoying your time with them. They are certain to feel awkward if you frown or have a cruel expression across the conversation.

Last although not the least, flirting is not something you learn in a single day. So, keep on practicing until you succeed.

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