The kitchen island is the furniture pieces, which carries the functionality and utility to another level and helps in making more space in the kitchen. They are the furniture pieces which are exclusively made for the kitchens and gets the center stage in the room. With these aspects, they are superbly versatile. They come in varied sizes, shapes, and styles and are made to suit the requirement of every kitchen. Centre island kitchen table can be small or freestanding, long and slender, broad and huge and has two divisions; a public side and working one. The public side is solely for decoration while the working or functional side should consist of cabinets, drawers, and items required for delicious food preparations.

Given below are some points which you should consider when you install modern kitchen island in the home:

1) consider the size: the most significant aspect that you should look upon is the size of the island. This will purely depend on the floor space in the cooking area. If you have a large and spacious kitchen, bigger kitchen island designs will do wonders, but if you possess a tiny kitchen, then you need to be little cautious about the designs of the kitchen. It is advised that an island in the kitchen must be of 36to 48 inches of space around the sides to let the people move around easily.

2. Consider the shape: the shape or design of a kitchen island purely depends on the space in the cooking area. If the kitchen of your house is of standard size, slim and slender looking islands will complete the decor. You can also choose a square or round blocks according to the kitchen decor and requirements. If you want to add spice to the kitchen, consider purchasing islands in a curved shape.

3. Go for the functions: the function of the kitchen island must show its design. So buy the ones that fit well in the cooking region, go to the island that has a set of drawers with depth and a lot of shelves if you want to showcase cookbooks and other items, purchase a small kitchen island which consists open shelves behind the cabinets. Also, consider other things to have a fabulous decor.

4. Colour: freestanding or moveable kitchen islands are the best way of introducing hues in the shabby looking kitchen. They are a fun and creative method to lend the area a stylish and fashionable look. You can also change the color of the units whenever you feel like.

5. Focus on attention: the furniture style kitchen island when situated in the kitchen becomes a central point, so it is the best place to utilize platform material with high efficiency. For a regal and beautiful look go for the marble, granite or other materials. Also, take into consideration the traits which will add to the visual appeal and extra advantages. For example, you can add an extra drawer below the island for storage and display decorative containers and other knick-knacks.

6. Consider electrics and plumbing: if you want to have prep sink or appliances into the island, then look for the plumbing and electrics. Both of these should run on the floor of the kitchen so consider what the subfloor is made of. If the floor is wooden, you will have to identify where the floor joists are. If it's of concrete, then you got to channelize them in or lay the services on the top.

7. Size of seating: if you are thinking to make use of the kitchen island as a casual dining space, then go for the seating space. Plan for at least 24 inches of width for each person. For sufficient foot place, make sure there is enough clearance of 9 to 13 inches between the knees and below the counter.

These are some of the relevant aspects which you must look into before installing a kitchen island in the home. They will become the centerpiece in the kitchen and will give a unified and organized look to the entire area.

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