A Yantra, if we go by its literal meaning, is an instrument which is composed of various geometric outlines such as squares, triangles, lotus petals etc. However, from a religious perspective, a Yantra is a device which helps a devotee to connect with God.

Nowadays, where almost everything is available in online stores, a person can easily Buy Yantras Online. However, it is always advisable to take expert guidance before placing any kind of these yantras in your house or office areas. We will discuss various types of yantras.

1. Maha Laxmi Yantra – We all know that Ma Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth. So, it is clearly understandable by the name Maha Laxmi Yantra that it brings opulence and wealth. It is beneficial in increasing paths of revenue, reputation, new business prospects as well as growth and prosperity. If placed in a proper place and worshipped properly, the vibrations of Goddess Laxmi will get activated and any material desire and comfort in life will be granted.

2. Shri Yantra – Shri Yantra is a powerful and propitious yantra used to answer almost all unconstructiveness and glitches in our life. It is a multi pyramid geometric grid available in 2 or 3 dimension forms. Crystal Shri Yantra is best for a householder.

3. Vastu Yantra – Vastu Yantra is mainly used to remove Griha Dosh, Dik Dosh, and negative energies. At times, the directions of our house or rooms bring negative energies in our lives, creating many hazards and problems. If there is a problem with the vastu of a house, then for correction a Vastu Yantra is used. By using this, harmony and peace in your house will come back and stay forever, thus helping you to lead a peaceful life.

4. Hanuman Yantra – This is commonly known as Hanuman Yantra. Lord Hanuman, as we all know, is a depiction of métier and piety. This yantra can be described to an opening through which you can connect with divinity. By this yantra, you can meditate over Lord Hanuman which will give you stability and mental strength. There are certain symbols engraved in Hanuman Yantra. For example, lotus in the yantra represents detachment. Lotus grows in mud but never touches a pinch of mud, representing detachment to external forces. This yantra protects you from negative energies, helps to build confidence and mental strength and gives the courage to overcome hurdles and difficulties in life.

5. Shri Saraswati Yantra – Goddess Saraswati symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. Shri Saraswati Yantra improves concentration, memory and grasping power, thus bestows knowledge, education and artistic expression.

Other than these, Kuber Yantra, Byapar Vridhi Yantra, Shri Maruti Yantra, Shri Navgrah Yantra, Shri Bhairav Yantra are some of the other yantras available in reputable online stores. Before you Buy Copper Yantras Online in Delhi, one thing you should keep in your mind is that yantras will work properly if used by chanting proper mantras. There are different ways of activating a yantra which only an expert astrologer can guide you.

Therefore, before buying yantra online, always take expert advice. This will help you connect with heavenly power.

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