Getting to know your health and your body style is a very important crucial point for everyone. In order to save or protect ourselves from germs and various bacterial diseases entering our system we should first play a rough or a thorough study on our own selves. The result of it would be unacceptable or more frequently known. As we all say and hear that prevention is better than cure, we actually should first find out how to get a good prevention over it. A prevention source which suits you may not suit your mum or maybe your friend. Prevention is a source too which varies from people to people may you be healthy or not we all are prone to some kind of infectious germinate friend out there surrounding our day to day environment.

Diseases come in various forms but today we have decided to bring you more information regarding the diseases of sexual transition which could be actually cured and give you some hope and which cannot be cured unfortunately. Let’s identify the range of diseases available in the present era. Chancroid, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV/AIDS, HPV/ warts, scabies are some popularly heard sexual transmitted diseases in the present era. The reason for these type of diseases to spread in the present is many. It is important you get to know them beforehand as much as early as possible. Try to look out for some early methods where you could prevent it by understanding these factors such as educating your child at the sufficient age and not after it is too late. There is no use of educating your child about diseases which can occur through sexual transition after he has already reached the mature age of committing them freely and getting himself or herself in trouble. It is best to advice your child at the stage of early teenage hood where sexual ideas and desires start growing in them so that they would be aware about the dangers and be educated enough to protect themselves. The government too takes some precautions in protecting the community in preparing a movement as std-gov to take care of the future generation.

Chancroid is a very rear diseases which used to spread during the early years. Fortunately this disease can be cured if treated vigilantly. The symptoms of Chancroid is not very pleasant to hear or see. Getting your mouth, anal, throat, tongue, vagina or your penis all sored up would be a great moment to live with comfort. Talking about Gonorrhea then after is also a treatable disease which is caused by sexual transition which makes your genitals burn or have heavy painful times when using the toilet. The symptoms for women in this is more reflective than men. Moving on to another disease called Hepatitis is commonly heard among many of us. There are five types of this disease. The hepatitis symptoms vary from mild flue, dark urine, changing body color to yellow, fatigue and many more. This could be cured in the long run through continuous treatment over it.

Let’s move on to the sexual transmitted diseases which unfortunately cannot be cured. Commonly known HIV/AIDS is the most familiar disease we have heard in the present. Sadly a person who has HIV/ AIDS would not be able to have any mean of hope in getting cured. Then let’s talk about HPV/ Warts, this too is another cureless disease which spreads fast. This dangerous diseases could also lead to cervical cancer which doesn’t sound too good.

I’m pretty sure by now you would have gained a pretty good fair knowledge about the diseases which could be treated and what cannot be treated. Keep yourself and your kids educated about these dangerous diseases as living with these won’t help you get a successful life easily.

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