Applying to Medicare is possible up to 3 months before the birthday, only in the case of people who have worked in the country for a minimum of 10 years. Those who have not fulfilled that time of working life, as usually happens with immigrants who have few years in the United States, must follow other steps. Here you can get more guide on Medicare Palm Beach.

“There are people who have original Medicare, which is part A and part B, which is up to a person when he turns 65 and has worked in the country for a minimum of 10 years. But then we get into what has been the exception, we see a lot here in South Florida, who is the person who has not been here for 10 years and must have a minimum of 5 years of residence. The requirements for that group are to be 65 years of age or older, have 5 years or more of residence completed and have to be of low income. They don't have to have worked because being low-income they qualify for Medicaid, and this pays the premium for part A and part B. Part A is the one that is bought with the 10-year job,” explained the regional manager of sales.

Bruneman added that the person, in that case, "before going to apply for Social Security, they must have Medicaid, because they cannot pay for part A and B; they do not have the credits of A and they will not be able to pay B, and they will not give it to them. They must carry their original birth certificate or naturalization certificate if they are a citizen or the residence that proves the 5 years in the country, and the driver's license or identification. to the original Medicare, so you can get part A and part B”.

To apply for Medicaid, those interested can go to the Department of Children and Families, which processes the application, but it can also be done through a broker that provides help to fill out that application, which is available online.

“During the registration period, people can enter, leave in any plan that suits them. It is not that the neighbor is in a plan and recommended that, for example, because each person has different needs. The decision of which plan to choose should be led by a person who knows the universe of plans, such as a broker, a person certified in several plans and who knows the most appropriate according to the person, ”he said.

Don't hurry
The client should know that this is an important decision, that it should not be made over the phone and that it should be consulted carefully with a trained agent.

"Older people usually sign very fast, because there are many agents who do not have enough preparation and for earning a simple commission they do not explain the person well," Bruneman added.

In addition, Lupe pointed out a very common mistake: not knowing when to enroll in Medicare. If the person does not enroll in the required time, they could receive a late enrollment penalty.

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