Colour Astrology - which color suits you according to astrology
Indian Vedic astrology tells the past, present, and future of an individual and additionally emphasizes on
creating them higher. The remedies for rising one’s life come back below astrology. In astrology, many
types of mantras, yantras, and colors are used to conquer the difficulties. As per the Vedic astrology
individuals of every zodiac sign have different favorable and unfavorable planets.. the suitable use of
colors will increase the aura of someone and makes it a lot.
Aries: MAR 20 - Apr 19: RED
Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. The red color and redness color ar thought-about because of the color
of this sign. Red captures your passion's flame. you are ruled by Mars, the Mars, and sometimes show
traits of spirit, determination, optimism, energy, and honesty.
TAURUS Apr 19 - May 20: green
The ruling planet is Venus. The profitable color for this sign is green. Your spirit is that of time of year -
recent and need to grow. Some say you are stubborn, others can say committed. Either way, you are
dedicated to your passions. green captures these traits of yours, together with your grounding and love
of the outside.
GEMINI May 20 - June 20: YELLOW
It is ruled by Mercury. The auspicious color for Gemini is light yellow. Yellow attributes your curiosity
and inquisitive nature. Your adjustive thought and talent to be told quickly make you shine bright
amongst others.
CANCER June 20 - July 22: WHITE SILVER
Moon is that the ruling planet for this sign. The lucky colors for Cancerians are white and Silver. White
captures your spirit's purity whereas silver best represents however hard your exterior is. faithful your
being, the crab, you're exhausting on the surface and in love the within.
LEO July 22 - Aug 22: GOLD
The ruling planet of Leo is Sun. The gold color is fruitful for Leo. Gold brings out the most effective in
you! Your heat and optimistic heart are mixed along with your creative passion.
VIRGO Aug 22 - SEPT 22: BROWN & green
The sixth zodiac sign is Virgo. Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo. green and brown colors are
thought of to be the colors for Virgo. Brown represents stability, whereas green symbolizes growth and
strength. you are hard-working, analytical, and loyal.
LIBRA SEPT 22 - October 23: PASTEL PINK & light BLUE

Libra is that the seventh zodiac sign. Venus is that the ruling planet of this airy and movable sign. the
colors that are believed to be lucky for Libra are Pastel Pink and light blue. Libra, you usually seem to
be seeking equality, clarity, and balance. And these 2 colors produce such a good looking balance. You
appear to be the diplomat of your circle; gracious, cooperative, and intellectual are a number of your
best strengths.
SCORPIO October 23 - November 21: BLACK
The ruling planet for Scorpio is Mars. Black looks acceptable for the most mysterious sign, the Scorpio.
you are inquisitive, passionate, capable, stubborn, and sensitive.
Jupiter is that the planet that rules Sagittarius. Besides being called the color of royalty, purple is seen
as the color of enlightenment and creativeness. Rest assured your spirituality and awareness speak
volumes as will your openness, generosity, and ideals.
The ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn. You need to be the rock of all of your friendships as a result of
you are therefore realistic. you are responsible and disciplined, together with being determined.
AQUARIUS Jan 19 - Feb 18: BLUE
AQUARIUS is ruled by Saturn. Blue is deep and powerful just like the ocean, however, it even is calm
and delightful. you are well-known for your energy, encouragement, and conversation.
PISCES Feb 18 - MAR 20:Orange
it's ruled by Jupiter. Yellow and orange colors are considered as auspicious for Pisces. Pisces, you're
compassionate, sensitive, and sympathetic, therefore it is only fitting your best color is Orange.
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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.