Here are some practical observations by the Top astrologer in Bangalore

If Guru, Surya, Mercury, Venus is placed in the eighth house and u der the sight of the 6th lord, then the person suffers from heart disease.

—- Shani afflicts Mars by the tenth aspect, Rahu in the twelfth house and Ketu in the sixth house, & the fourth lord, and Lagnaesh in the eighth house with the 6th lord, then there is heart disease.

It is well known that the fourth house and the tenth house are symbols of the heart organs. Moon, the factor of the fourth house, is also a healer. The significator planets of the tenth house are the Sun, Mercury, Guru, and Saturn. The fifth house is the house of the chest, stomach, liver, kidney, and intestines, even if this house is afflicted, these organs are contaminated, there is the loss of heart. This house is also the house of wisdom. Wrong thoughts also cause disease.

For the type of disease, the first, sixth, and twelfth houses should also be looked at well.

—The factor of the sixth house is Mars and Saturn. Mars is the factor of blood and Saturn is the factor of air. These are also disease factors. The eighth house is indicative of the disease and the age of the patient. Saturn in the eighth house factor. Special consideration should be given to houses and their factors while thinking about diseases.

—Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu planets should be taken special care of because all these diseases affect analysis done based on these.

— If Janma Nakshatra is Magha, Purva Phalphaguni, Uttaraphalguni, heart disease is very painful.

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