Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. It's not obvious to the unaided eye and turned into the principal planet found with the utilization of a telescope. Uranus is spilled on its side with a hub slant of 98 degrees. It is regularly portrayed as "moving around the Sun on its side."

Realities about Uranus

Uranus was formally found by Sir William Herschel in 1781.

It is too faint to even consider having been seen by the people of yore. From the outset, Herschel thought it was a comet, yet quite a while later it was affirmed as a planet. Herschel attempted to have his revelation named "Georgian Sidus" subsequent to King George III. The name Uranus was recommended by stargazer Johann Bode. The name comes from the old Greek divinity Ouranos.

Uranus turns on its pivot once like clockwork, 14 minutes.

The planet pivots a retrograde way, inverse to the manner in which Earth and most different planets turn.

Uranus makes one outing around the Sun each 84 Earth years.

During certain pieces of its circle, either of its shafts points straightforwardly at the Sun and get around 42 years of direct daylight. The remainder of the time they are in murkiness.
Uranus is known as the “Great Awakener”. Uranus transits tend to ‘activate’ the planet it touches. Uranus rules science & technology, innovation. Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury - so it’s like thinking at the highest level. Genius. Insights. Lightning. Electricity. Things that are shocking.

When Uranus is involved, astrologers say “Expect the unexpected.” It’s sudden changes and upheavals that flash like lightning. Sudden illuminations. Epiphanies. Inventions. Eureka moments.

Uranus also rules individuality and is a bit of an outcast. People with strong Uranus placements tend to live outside convention in some way. This is the sign of the outcast. People on the leading edge. People who don’t do what society says they ‘should’.

This is the planet that rules the collective good. Social justice is ruled by this planet.

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